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1 Cancel the Show

That would be a DREAM!

Please, I'm begging Nickelodeon todo it!

What a Stupid show, if they canceled it, then that would make life better for all of us. - TopTenJackson

If I could I would request as hard as I could to get RID of this show about an obese idiot with a dumb monkey with a stupid insect band with some weirdo named Swiper that will go away when ever you say, "Swiper no swiping! "

They did. They canceled it in 2014

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2 Put Tape On Her Mouth

So we won't have to hear her anymore. - TopTenJackson

Kesha can sing her song blah blah blah and put tape on her and tell her to shut up because she is annoying.

If dora had tape on her mouth she'll be "muffled talking" I can't even hear you

Nice, so Dora will stop talking. - Catacorn

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3 Make Her Scream So Loud She Would Explode Her Head

That would be awesome, NO MORE DORA. - TopTenJackson

Make sure you mute the volume first. If HER head explodes, what will happen to yours?

Oh yeah this would be hilarious dora sucks so does boots


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4 Make SpongeBob Tell Her Not to Talk Anymore or Else He and Patrick Will Kill Her

There is a video on YouTube of SpongeBob killing dora

I hate dora and I love SpongeBob.

SpongeBob is by far better than Dora.

Or that mr krabs will feed her his explosive burgers - Ihateschool

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5 Tell Mickey Mouse to Stick a Knife Through Dora's Head

This would be the funniest thing ever to watch

SpongeBob and Mickey Mouse Rules! Dora the Explorer drools! - TopTenJackson

Mickey should get elected for president for that

And then Mickey goes to hell for being responsible for the abomination known as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He's just as much of a Gary Stu as Dora is a Mary Sue anyway.

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6 Do Not Make Her Sing

I was very confused on whether to choose this one or the "We did it! " option. But I had to choose one of them; so let this unbearable torture of her singing get my vote! Good list! - Kiteretsunu

Dora cannot sing, her singing is worse than Rebecca Black, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, and Lil Wayne combined.


She sings even worse than Miley Cyrus (past and present) and that's saying something - Ihateschool

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7 Do Not Make Her Say "We Did It" Anymore

So we don't have to hear those bugs play music! I'm in band and w

Because of this song sounding sexual, I got thoughts about the characters doing a dance that looks like porn... Please Nickelodeon, I hate this song, so get rid of it. - Powerfulgirl10

Imagine the Your Favourite Martian band actually doing "We Did It". Well, that will happen after retirement.

Some of Dora's songs are admittedly catchy, but this one annoys me. - AnimeDrawer

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8 Take Away Every Single Character Except for Swiper

Swiper is a good character but everyone else should be dead. - TopTenJackson

I agree. Swiper is cool and fun, Dora is boring and dumb. Every other character is just as annoying, lame, and dumb as Dora. Worst thing, Dora ask where is the___Even if she already stare at it a few seconds ago or it's infront of her! And her parents don't care for their only child, Dora likes to eat too much junk food with no premission from her parents, Boots is just retarded and stupid as Dora, And we all love swiper! Swiper should be the main character and should be the only current character that should've just be the only character in the show and most of them are citizens. Wish that the show should just be like that. But sadly, it's not like that... WHY?!?! T-T - MLPFan

I like the idea of the spin off. Swiper will no longer be stopped by swiper no swiping and has a battle with dora and swiper wins and dora looses. Swiper will be announced the hero and he has silly adventures in blueberry hill with his friends doing trouble and saving the world from dora and her annoying friends.

I love swiper - Officialpen

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9 Ban the show and Dora

This is the exact same thing of the first one.

Some idiot decided to add this again even though it is already Number 1. I WANT IT TO HAPPEN!

I hope they ban all other Nick Jr. shows except for Wow Wow Wubbsy, the only decent Nick Jr. show.

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10 Yoshi eats Dora

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? Dora, her friends, and her family go to Superjail
? Dora Goes to Superjail

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11 Tahu (BIONICLE) burns Dora to Death

Okay this list I find funny, but I still don't understand the death comments, only maybe put her in Knowhere and have every single awesome superhero group and super hero and half-hero groups The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, the Justice League, the Teen titans (not from crap titans go), etc., plus Aang and his gang "Team Avatar" from ATLA, and so many more of those groups and awesome villains (Voldemort, Croatoan 'from Haven', etc.) band together and go on a mission to stop her rein and empire and in the end Darth Vader comes back from the dead and along with the good supergroup makes Dora listen to herself and gradually disappear to where no one will see her again.

Tahu is that Guardian of fire right?

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12 Dora the Explorer episodes wiped!

No Dora episodes will have any commercial or non-commercial value whatsoever by 2030, so why not destroy them and make room in the archive for better shows? After all, Dora is a curse to television history that can only be removed by destroying episodes of the show. - imacg4

Best idea ever, dora the Explorer will never exist again.

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13 Bubbles Beats Her Up

You mean Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls? Heck yeah! Bubbles is better than Dora! And then Buttercup brutally finishes her off. - AnimeDrawer

14 They Get Rid of Dora and Friends, Too

Or they could make a war in the city and Dora dies!

After Dora and Friends ends. No More stupid Dora Spin-Offs. - ChroniclerMan5

Its Dora after puberty. It needs to die. She doesn't have a watermelon head anymore though... Now she can change shirts!

PLEASE GER RID OF IT! - Powerfulgirl10

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15 Make an episode where Dora has diarrhea

It's going to be called "Dora Has Diarrhea".

That would be so embarrassing and funny to see!

Or make an episode where she's constipated.

This needs to happen I would pay to see this episode it would be hilarious.

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16 A Tiger Eats Dora
17 She and Boots Fall In a Volcano

Ooh! I can make her death more entertaining! Infest the volcano with fire dragons!

Throw her into Helheim's gate and watch her get eaten by the Red Death!

All the natural disasters kill her at once - FerrariDude64

Dora: should I go in the volcano?

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18 She Falls in a Bottomless Pit and Dies
19 Darth Vader kills Dora with his Lightsaber

Yes yes yes. My favorite character out of anything ever killing the worst character on television ever. This would be epic. - Anonymousxcxc

Dora...(breath)...I am your father - Unicorn

TOTALLY! I would get down on my hands and knees and praise Darth Vader for ALL I know is dora is crap! LOL

That would be the beat day ever

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20 Mickey Mouse shaves Dora's hair

Someone actually made a grounded video where her parents took her to Supercuts to get a haircut. She then became bald and was like that through the rest of that person's grounded videos out of her until the finale. - Murvine_Taylor

Like being bald for the rest of the series

Then she will look like a retarded orange watermelon.

Hey that would be awesome but at least dora wont have her baboon butt hair do

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