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181 She Gets Slapped to Death for Calling Needle "Needy"

Just watch Battle for Dream Island. That explains it all.

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182 Eaten by Scooby-Doo

Scooby can turn her into hamburgers and eat them up.

183 Tell Fred Flintstone to Slap Dora's Face
184 Tell George Jetson to kill Dora with 2 shotguns
185 Patrick Star kills Dora with 2 needles

I wonder what these sharp things that say do not touch do?

186 Squidward Tentacles throws Dora away

Or he could make her watch squidward's suicide (creepypasta ok? )

187 Jane Jetson cuts Dora's head with a knife V 1 Comment
188 Barney Rubble puts a grenade on Dora's tummy
189 Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble tear Dora's map
190 Squidward yells at Dora

No, how about do buttercup from the ppg anime in the English dub. Man, her scream is even worse than squidward that it will scare you. Dora would get so scared she would run away. Dora first makes buttercup wear a skirt and buttercup screams so loud and scary. They should make a episode about that.

That will be so funny! Who ever putted this thing on the list wins a gold trophy I could already picture squidward yelling at dora in my head.

191 Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles destroy Dora's bag
192 Elsa freezes Dora's heart

But what if Boots kisses her and she's back to normal?!?!

I hate elsa, but that would kill dora, so... YES!

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193 Anna takes Dora to a Volcano V 2 Comments
194 Plankton steal Dora's map

Whoever said that plankton shreds map up is the best and made my day. I would love to see that, someone needs to make an episode about that.

I would join Plankton simply because I don't like Dora and me and Plankton struggled with the same problem: a depressing fear. - Murvine_Taylor

I think plankton think that is the Krabby pattie recipe

And shreds map up

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195 SpongeBob Kills Her

But that flies in the face of his good nature. - Murvine_Taylor

196 SpongeBob Says "Boo!" to Dora

This would be funny, SpongeBob could boo dora then throw eggs at her.

197 Marge Simpson Slaps Dora's Face V 2 Comments
198 Johnny Bravo Scares Dora

I hate johnny womanizer bravo ill just punch them both

199 Bugs Bunny Rips Dora's Head Off V 2 Comments
200 Sandy Cheeks throws 100 bomb peanuts to kill Dora

And then Sandy will punch Starfire from Teen Titans Go!

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