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201 Daphne and Fred kill Dora with a Bazooka V 1 Comment
202 Top Cat throws a Boomerang to Dora

Man, whoever Posted this must be OBSESSED with Hanna Barbera! Anyways, YES! - Ededdneddyfan55

203 Send her Worms V 1 Comment
204 Elsa kills Dora with a Shotgun

She is not even worthy to hold a gun. Shadow can do it instead,

V 1 Comment
205 Mickey Mouse Cuts Dora's Arms and Legs

Ok so we should punish her instead.


206 Fred Flintstone Kills Dora With Uzi

Dora:Where's the mountain?
Fred:It's right there!
Dora:Where's the mountain?
Fred:It's right there!
Dora:So, where's the mountain?
Fred:WHAT THE HELL! How many times do I have to tell this? (picks up the Uzi)
Dora:So, where's the mountain?
Fred:(kills Dora with Uzi) You deserve it.

207 Give Her to Nicki Minaj

Then she'll fart and it will kill her! We don't know what plastic does to someone's butt! - Imyourstalker

Dora's So Stupid She Probably Loves Nicki Minaj

Nicki: hey Dora wanna get some plastic surgery?
Dora: what's that?!
Nicki: you'll see

208 Homer Simpson Throws a Grenade to Dora V 1 Comment
209 Peter Griffin Kills Dora With a Bazooka

Well He Can Do It Again!

210 SpongeBob Throws Map In a Paper Cutter

I wish they made an episode about this, I would die to laughter. This would be too funny.

Please, someone needs to make an episode about this. I would totally watch it.

211 Dora and Boots Get Crushed by the Big Red Chicken

Big red chicken is the biggest character in dora the explorer. so I'm sure he can crush dora and boots.

Big Red Chicken is so big and fat, he could squish every character in the show.

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212 Elmo Shoots Dora With a Bazooka

Sesame street sucks and dora sucks too - Officialpen

I NEED to see that.

213 They Make No More Episodes
214 She Get's Chased by Peppa Pig

Well, no. I hate Peppa and Dora, so I'll kill both of them.

And I shoot both of those idiots with the World's Most Powerful Gun.

Peppa the kawaii pig: Dora want to play house?
Dora: no thanks you
Peppa: cries

215 They Paralyze Her

This might be offensive to people who are actually paralyzed and their loved ones. - Murvine_Taylor

V 1 Comment
216 SpongeBob Shoots Dora and Boots With a Bazooka
217 Dora and Boots Appear In Jaws and Get Eaten by Jaws

If Dora was in jaws I think he would be the good guy and the fishermen would be Dora's friends he would kill all the fishermen and kill Dora and boots I love jaws. !

If I made my own movie called Jaws 5, Dora and Boots will be in the movie and in the beginning, they can sit by the dock and then Jaws comes up and breaks the dock and then he swallows them up. That would violent, but embarrissing to see!

I can already imagine Dora and Boots in the opening scene

218 Make an Episode Where Dora Farts In Her Pants

Dora: come on vama... ( farting noise) uh oh.

Boots and me : ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dora: it's not funny.

Boots: Well I think it is. Ha ha ha!

Dora : I got it! Where are we going? ( clap clap clap) bathroom!

Boots and me : ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It will be called, " Dora farts in her pants."

This needs to happen. Now nick! You do every thing else with fart jokes but those are lame! - Imyourstalker

Dora: Where are we- *farts* Oh shoot.
Boots/Me: *laughs super hard*
Dora: Shut up! It's not *farts* funny!
Boots/Me: *keep laughing*
Boots: Yeah it is!
*Two hours later...*
Dora: Where is the *flarp! *
Boots/Me: *laugh our heads off*
Dora: Shut up! I just need to *farts to the point where she poops her pants*
Boots/Me: KEEP FARTING! *laughs even more*
Dora: *runs away crying and keeps farting along the way*
Boots/Me: Classics.


V 4 Comments
219 Kill Dora With TNT

Where will you get it? From Minecraft?

220 Swiper Changes His Name to Sniper and Snipes Dora and Boots V 1 Comment
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