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221 Minions Scare Dora

Dora:Where's the river?
Minions:Boo! Tatata Bala tu!


And YouTube Commenters Call Dora Cancer Instead

Dora: wow! Look at these pretty creatures boots!
Dave (one of the minions): AHHH! (take out a bazooka and shoot at her)
Oh I'm sooo picturing this scene in my head!

222 Judy Jetson shoots Dora with a shotgun

Dora:Where's the coconut tree?
Judy:(angrily) It's right there, behind you.
Dora. Where's the coconut tree?
Judy:(takes her shotgun) IT'S RIGHT THERE!
Dora:So, Where's the coconut tree?
Judy:(Shots and kills Dora) I don't care. I'll tell my mom and dad.

223 Give her an awesome present

She opens it and then a bunch of plasma spews on here and melts her body then the four Nicktoons jimmy Timmy Danny and SpongeBob and all the people who hate Dora me included throw a party at SpongeBob's house

We will tell her that it is an awesome present and she gets exited to open it and after she opens it, she notices that there's was a bomb inside the present and then she will explote!

I'm giving her crap because she is crap

The present will be of everybody in the world killing Dora and the others.

V 2 Comments
224 Kirby swallows Dora and Boots

Great idea! But what if Kirby becomes as annoying as Dora?

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225 She Blows Up

That well happen when dora steps on a minefield and blows up and then dies after that

Dora's head grows huge and it blows up

226 Tell Pinkamena to kill Dora

My little pony rules and Dora Drools

It'll be a dream! Just tell Pinkamena to make Dora's number come up. And then, Pinkamena will kidnap Dora to Equestria and kill her!

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227 Yogi Bear shoots Dora with a shotgun
228 Penelope Pitstop kills Dora with her car
229 Send her to Lil Wayne

Good idea, send her to Lil Wayne so dora could be forced to listen to his annoying rap.

Lil' Wayne would be the best voice for Bowser Jr. Both could annoy Dora the Explorer and have the same rapping/singing/speaking voices.

230 Make Jeff the killer stab her

Id give up one million dollars to see it live!

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231 Dick Dastardly and Muttley Kill Her With Their Car
232 George Jetson Throws Tomatoes On Dora
233 Dragonborn Fus Ro Dah's Dora and she dies

Dora: Who's that man over there?
Dragonborn: FUS RO DAH!
Dora dies and gets eaten by dragons

234 Make an episode where Dora pulls her pants down

She was never seen even once in the bathroom, so I bet if she lets every one see her butt it's so full of crap and stinks so bad it will make the earth blow up

It could be called, " Dora pulls her pants down".

That means you could see her butt!

She will pull down her pants, AND underwear, which would be disgusting to watch. She'll run around with nothing covering the waist and get arrested. THE END.

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235 Make Dora play Minecraft and fail every time

I already learned a technique that makes evil mobs follow you and your orders. If dora is in Minecraft I'm gonna send an enderdragon, a zombie, a ghast and a nether skeleton to kill her.

I'm the enderdragon master kill Dora enderdragon!

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236 Mew Slays Dora V 3 Comments
237 Boo the Dog Sucks On Her Head Then Swallows It

Laugh out loud grumpy cats there too

238 Elmo Throws Grover at Dora Then Farts On Her V 1 Comment
239 Rip her head off and use it as a football

This is so funny, please do this. When I was little, I also thought dora had a football head.

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240 Diego shoots Dora

I can't stop laughing now I've seen this! Now they just have to make an episode.

Diego: I don't get why I have a blind hoe for a cousin

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