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241 Mew Slays Dora V 3 Comments
242 Boo the Dog Sucks On Her Head Then Swallows It

Laugh out loud grumpy cats there too

243 Elmo Throws Grover at Dora Then Farts On Her V 1 Comment
244 Rip her head off and use it as a football

This is so funny, please do this. When I was little, I also thought dora had a football head.

V 2 Comments
245 Diego shoots Dora

I can't stop laughing now I've seen this! Now they just have to make an episode.

Diego: I don't get why I have a blind hoe for a cousin

V 2 Comments
246 Donald Duck Uses a Piko Piko Hammer on Dora the Explorer V 1 Comment
247 Send her to Chris Thorndyke

But they are both the same; bratty, annoying, whiny, so this wouldn't really do anything. Anyway the Chris Thordyke thing was hilarious.

V 1 Comment
248 Make Knuckles the Echidna (in his new "Sonic Boom" design) Strangle Dora to Death V 1 Comment
249 Send her to Axel Chains
250 Murder Dora with Thor Odinson's Hammer


251 Let Dora Get Kidnapped by Bowser

Maybe he should because I can't stand dora

Peach: I'm outta here go get Rosalinda or daisy you big fat Dino

252 Get Dora the Explorer Bossed Around by Blinky (the Red Ghost from Pac-Man)
253 Let Donald Duck (voiced by Ray William Johnson) Rant At Dora
254 Huey Freeman uses his karate skills on Dora and kills her
255 Make Twilight Sparkle zap her with her magic

It'll be all the...
Dora:Sing it with us... Forest... Farm... Blueberry...
Twilight Sparkle:DIE! (Zaps Dora like a changeling)

V 4 Comments
256 Force Dora to Listen to Justin Bieber (especially "Baby")

Dora thinks she is going to listen to one of her favorite songs, so she taps on the song without looking at the screen and she unexpectedly hears this song. PRANK

V 2 Comments
257 Chris Brown Beats Dora Up

But More Brutally Then Rihanna

V 1 Comment
258 Force Dora to Die of Dehydration V 1 Comment
259 Give Dora a Permanent Hemorrhoid

Hopefully, Dora dies of a permanent and gigantic throat ache. - Ededdneddyfan55

260 Make Dora Listen to Angry German Kid V 2 Comments
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