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261 Make Dora suffer Hotel Mario
262 Let the Hulk strangle Dora to death

Dora Would Turn Bruce Banner Into The Hulk In Only A Minute Because Of How Annoying Dora Is.


263 Send Dora to Be Gored Seriously to Death

I want to see that so bad! I'm a fan of gore.

V 1 Comment
264 Give Dora Permanent Sunburns/Infections/Broken Bones/Broken Muscles V 1 Comment
265 Send Dora to Rot at the Gulag in Siberia, Russia
266 Make a Minecraft Creeper Explode When She Sees the Grumpy Old Troll

grumpy old troll:got plastic surgery so he has an actual troll face now

267 She gets beaten to death by the Angry Video Game Nerd

That will be hilarious if AVGN is in that show and he kills her with a bottle.

268 Make her get shot by a bazooka
269 Dora dies from a falling car
270 Distract her and stick some poison in her V 2 Comments
271 Tell Someone to Poison Her V 1 Comment
272 Have Cosmo and Wanda Poof Her Into a Pit of Fire Ants

Seriously, that should shut dora up.

Timmy Turner Would Be Happy Too!

Wanda should instead blast Dora with that Bazooka she originally was going to use on Vicky in "A Bad Case of Diary-Uh! "

V 1 Comment
273 Make Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan) Command All the Titans to Kill Dora V 1 Comment
274 Dora explodes on a mountain
275 She gets sent to the mental hospital

She is stupid and crazy. So, she deserve to get sent to the mental hospital - MLPFan

V 2 Comments
276 Use Mordecai's Power Kick, Rigby's Power Punch, Gumball's Controllable Ego Ball & Darwin's Twin Ego Ball to Kill Dora V 2 Comments
277 Rarity (MLP) Throws Gems at Dora

Take this, you horrifyingly annoying child!

I love Rairty, she's one of my favorite cartoon characters of all time!

V 4 Comments
278 She Falls to a Bottomless Pit
279 Force Dora to play Flappy Bird until she freaks out
280 Let Clarence controls Dora's head with his brainwashing show

Clarence: hi my name is Clarence and this is sumo and jeff

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