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281 Force Dora to play Flappy Bird until she freaks out
282 Let Clarence controls Dora's head with his brainwashing show

Clarence: hi my name is Clarence and this is sumo and jeff

283 Tell Lapis Lazuli to make a water box and put Dora in there where she couldn't breathe

DOAR: no I didn't!
Lapis pits Dora in the box and then falls to the bottom of the sea and gets trapped in the mirror
Lapis is one o my favorites

284 Ivan Braginski and Natalya Arlovskaya kill her V 1 Comment
285 Make Dora be chased by space aliens
286 Tell Marceline, the Vampire Queen, to suck Dora's blood

She Will look like a standing rotten piece of tuna! And I like Adventure time!

V 1 Comment
287 Tell Finn the Human to Slice Dora Into Half Using His Sword V 1 Comment
288 Dora the Explorer Has a Big Rivalry With Disney's Cinderella

But Dora isn't a doormat like Cinderella and at least has a personality.

289 Prince Eric Strongly Disciplines Dora V 1 Comment
290 Vegeta Strangles Dora to Death
291 Send Her to Suffer In the Industrial Revolution
292 Dora Suffers the Phossy Jaw
293 Rainbow Dash crashes into Dora and hurts her

I'm Neutral To My Little Pony But I Have To Agree That Would Be Awesome

She's My Favorite Pony!
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Is 1 Trillion Times Better Than Dora The Explorer!

V 2 Comments
294 She Enters Total Drama and Dies

Total drama sucks. It's just a rip off and playdirisom of the amazing race&survivor

V 2 Comments
295 Nicki Manaj Farts and Kills Dora

I Hate Nicki Minaj But That Would Be Hilarious

V 2 Comments
296 Give Her Really Bad Gas V 3 Comments
297 Have Her Hypnotized and Eaten by Kaa the Snake from the Jungle Book

Dora: Where's the mountain?
Me: There it is! (click! )
Dora: It's there! (sees something slithering) What's that?
(Kaa appears)
Kaa: Trust in mee...
(Dora becomes hypnotized and eaten)
Wouldn't you love to see that?

V 1 Comment
298 Homer Simpson chokes Dora

Homer would snap at Dora for being annoying and yell "Why you little" and choke Dora to death

She could replace Bart in that roof scene in the movie.

299 Rarity kills her and uses her skin as fabric

Rarity would look 20% prettier! MLP is much better than Dora.

V 2 Comments
300 Make Her Chew 200 Pieces of Willy Wonka's Gum V 3 Comments
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