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301 Inflate Her Butt With Water

If that's not gonna be a YouTube inflation video soon, inflation video makers are IDIOTS

V 2 Comments
302 Fluttershy uses dynamite to explode Dora V 2 Comments
303 Tell firestar to kill her V 1 Comment
304 Drop Her Down a Hole to Satan
305 Have her get sent to murder mystery (ROBLOX game) and then someone kills her V 1 Comment
306 Put Her In Home Alone 2

Instead of Harry, s blowing himself up Replace Him and Dora blows up.

307 Gets sliced in half by a lightsaber

That would be likeable, but even better if Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine does it even if I don't understand the death comments like she won't die, but she will be really hurt and Palpatine and Darth Vader (Palpatine sucks, Vader is the best) will put her into an abyss where she'll never be able to escape from.

308 Dora gets sent to Somalia
309 Curious George and Thomas The Train Kill Her

I could picture Dora giving us a boring lecture in the middle of a train rail and Thomas gets annoyed and lots of steam puffs out and he runs towards dora at high speed and the onky remains we see of her are bloodstains and bones on the rails and her skin stuck on Thomas

This is actually so true because Thomas The badass and swag tank engine can run over Dora with his wheels!

That would be awesome because Thomas the Tank Engine and Curious George rule! Dora drools!

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310 Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles kills her

That would be hilarious, Riki just slamming her into a wall shouting, "THE HEROPON WILL DESTROY YOU! "

311 Dora Torture Porn V 2 Comments
312 Sugilite and Malachite crush her to death V 1 Comment
313 Dora and Boots get Falcon Punched and land on Jupiter

Wow how come people did not thought of this idea!

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314 Rainbow Dash Should Play Her Guitar So Loud Dora Faints V 1 Comment
315 Her Mother Throws Away Her Backpack
316 Boots Gets a Girlfriend and Hates Dora
317 Get run over by The Magic School Bus

Arnold-Do we have to go on another field trip? We were pooped out by orcas on the last one!
Wanda-Oh you weirdo! We're killing Dora! Yahoo!
Miss Frizzle-A Dora! Stupidos stupidus!
Dora-Walter Elementary! Walterville Swamp! Walterville Dock!
Arnold-OH NO! She's gonna contaminate Walterville in stupidness! We need to run over her!
Everyone-You're a genius! And Dora is dead.

"If you look to your left, you'll see Dora the Explorer! "
"Man, her head is a football! She's a disgrace to Hey Arnold! "
"Absolutely right! Watch what happens next! "
*runs Dora over*
Class: YAY! - Discord

318 Tell Princess Celestia (MLP) to teleport her to the moon V 2 Comments
319 Make her jaw slip out of her mouth
320 Tell Jeff the Killer to visit her

Me: Hey Jeff!

Jeff: Yeah?

Me: You got a mission.

Jeff: To kill?

Me: Yep.

Jeff! YES! Who do I need to kill pleasetellmeplease?

Me: This abomination child in this pic…(picture of dora)

Jeff: Roger that!

(Ten days later, news on dora's death go viral and Jeff becomes an instant celebrity)

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