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321 Get run over by The Magic School Bus

Arnold-Do we have to go on another field trip? We were pooped out by orcas on the last one!
Wanda-Oh you weirdo! We're killing Dora! Yahoo!
Miss Frizzle-A Dora! Stupidos stupidus!
Dora-Walter Elementary! Walterville Swamp! Walterville Dock!
Arnold-OH NO! She's gonna contaminate Walterville in stupidness! We need to run over her!
Everyone-You're a genius! And Dora is dead.

"If you look to your left, you'll see Dora the Explorer! "
"Man, her head is a football! She's a disgrace to Hey Arnold! "
"Absolutely right! Watch what happens next! "
*runs Dora over*
Class: YAY! - Discord

322 Tell Princess Celestia (MLP) to teleport her to the moon V 2 Comments
323 Make her jaw slip out of her mouth
324 Tell Jeff the Killer to visit her

Me: Hey Jeff!

Jeff: Yeah?

Me: You got a mission.

Jeff: To kill?

Me: Yep.

Jeff! YES! Who do I need to kill pleasetellmeplease?

Me: This abomination child in this pic…(picture of dora)

Jeff: Roger that!

(Ten days later, news on dora's death go viral and Jeff becomes an instant celebrity)

325 Tell the minions to shoot the fart gun at her V 2 Comments
326 Make Her Watch a Lonely Goomba Video

That video has bad words so she will faint

327 Make Spot The Jaguar Squash Dora with a Mallet

I made this character up, and he would surely hate Dora like you do.

328 Make Mordecai and Rigby shout "OHHHHHHH!" so loud into Dora's ear so she'll faint

Regular Show is not my show actually, but this is still a great idea.

V 1 Comment
329 Make Pitch Black (Rise of the Guardians) zap Dora with his evil magic so she'll get killed

Rise Of The Guardians Is 1 Trillion Times Better Than Dora The Illegal Immigrant

V 1 Comment
330 Tell Wild E. Coyote to set a trap for the Road Runner, but Dora falls for it and gets squashed

I like the duo. This should happen.

V 1 Comment
331 Give Her to Rival Networks

That way, they could kill her with THEIR shows! - imacg4

332 Dry Bones Whacks Dora With His Bone
333 Tell Stewie Griffin to kill Dora with his ray gun V 1 Comment
334 Tell the Eds (Ed, Edd n Eddy) to run her over using their wagon!

Good idea! I love Ed Edd n Eddy way better than Dora!

This would be hilarious! And I love Ed, Edd n Eddy!

335 Rainbow Dash uses the Sonic Rainboom to kill Dora

That would be funny and interesting!

My Little Pony Rules! Dora the Explorer drools!

RD is cool and fun, Dora is boring and dumb.

V 1 Comment
336 Toothiana rips off all of Dora's teeth and slices her with her razor-sharp wings
337 Hiro Hamada kills her with Baymax and his microbots V 1 Comment
338 Tell Voldemort to cast the Death Spell on her

I would be happy enough if Voldemort kill Dora with death spell. Harry Potter rules! Dora droll!

V 2 Comments
339 Morons stop complaining about her

Disagree, but still we still hate Dora. Hey everyone, I got really great idea, let's stop this argument and let's forget about Dora things and also let's pretend that Dora never existed. Sound good idea, guys?

I know, but still she deserves some of it.

This is a horrible idea. She deserves all the hate.

V 2 Comments
340 Loses Her Popularity With Audiences V 1 Comment
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