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21 Mickey Mouse shaves Dora's hair

Someone actually made a grounded video where her parents took her to Supercuts to get a haircut. She then became bald and was like that through the rest of that person's grounded videos out of her until the finale. - Murvine_Taylor

Like being bald for the rest of the series

Then she will look like a retarded orange watermelon.

Hey that would be awesome but at least dora wont have her baboon butt hair do

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22 Make Her Adventures Go Horribly Wrong
23 DW Kills Her

Dora Winifred should throw Dora the Explorer out her window like she did with Arthur's plane in Arthur's Big Hit.

24 Have Magolor Suck Her in the Black Hole He Makes.

Cool then ultra sword Kirby appears and starts slashing like crazy!

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25 Sonic Boosts into her

Go Sonic the Hedgehog! Kick her ass!

He'll Force Dora To Play Sonic 06 As A Punishment For Her

Kickin' ass fast!

I don't even like Dora, but what kind of a sick person is doing all of this?

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26 She Sinks Into a Volcano
27 Mr Krabs Drives Dora To Suicide
28 Dora kills boots so all of her friends will kill her

That would be jason

Haha! Yes!

Maybe Jason voorhess

29 Shoot Her with an AK-47


(Bam bam bam! ) - SeeU

Me: Ahhh no more dora! Haha nice and beautiful beaches
Dora: *she starts singing* BACKPACK BACKPACK BACKPACK!
Me: GRRR wha the heck who sing at the beach!?!?!
Me: STOP! @!
Dora: Get out of my way you poor!
Dora: Backpack backpack backpack!
*shoots dora with using AK-47
*Dora is shot and dead*
Me: Haha now dora is dead so WE'RE safe here! - SpencerJC

30 Viacom Bankruptcy

And then the v of doom smashes dora

31 Piglet Shoots Her
32 Timmy Turner Makes Friends With Dinkleberg and Farts On Her

I thought Timmy's dad is the one who hated Dinkleberg the most - MLPFan

It should be Timmy's Dad, but okay. The fart should kill her, too. - Powerfulgirl10

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33 Ryu (Street Fighter) Hadoukens Dora

Put Ryu in that show so he can Hadoukens her and she goes to hell.

34 Benny The Bull Drinks Red Bull And Beats Up Dora And Boots
35 She Disappears

Dora disappears when she falls in a bottomless pit

She commits suicide would be nice too

36 Team Rocket and Ash Work Together to Kill Her

Arceus! Use Ancient Power!

The wild Dora fainted

That would be the most funniest thing to watch

And then we will be happy

We should do that. - TeamRocket747

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37 Tornado Mimi (from iMac G4 TV) Sucks Dora Into Her
38 Minions Attack Her
39 Mr. Krabs chases Dora

Mr. Krabs could drive her to suicide like he did to Plankton. - Murvine_Taylor

She should replace Plankton in One Coarse Meal, and literally die in it.

Mr. Krabs dresses up as Dora's worst fear, and drives her to suicide. This time, she actually dies. - Powerfulgirl10

Gimme back me money Dora! - SeeU

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40 Somebody Shoots a Firework at Her Football Head

That's actually a good idea, wait, scratch that, WHO AM I KIDDING, YES!

I think she is related to Stewie from Family Guy

I want to see this. Bye bye, Football Head. - Powerfulgirl10

Happy 4th of July! But I am *burns to death after fireworks sets off* I also hope that is the cyclone or Phoenix Howler!

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