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441 Eric Cartman Poops In Dora's Mouth V 2 Comments
442 Tell Megatron To Shoot And Kill Dora
443 Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) slaps the magic zipper onto Dora's face, pulls it off, and Dora's mouth disappears V 2 Comments
444 Michael Bay Blows Up Dora's House

I want to see that happen. That would be awesome.

V 1 Comment
445 Gabi Poisons Dora

NOTE-I'm Referring To That Pink Poison Dart Frog From Rio 2

Dora Would Die Instantly Because Gabi Is A Poison Dart Frog

But gabi wasn't really poisonous in the end

This won't work, Gabi isn't a poison dart frog

Nothing Here, Just Put This Here Accidentally By Forgetting The Twist Ending Of Rio 2

V 3 Comments
446 The Dinosaurs From Jurassic Park And Jurassic World Eat Dora
447 Tell Jack Sparrow To Punch Dora In The Face

Jack sparrow: punches
This will be the time u thought u had caught captain jack sparrow!

448 Feed Dora To The Sharks V 1 Comment
449 Obi-wan cuts Dora's Legs with his Lightsaber. V 1 Comment
450 Put Her On Animaniacs V 1 Comment
451 Unleash Puffy Fluffy on her

Gary didn't deserve to be tortured but Dora does.

452 Maleficent burns Dora alive with her dragon fire
453 Send her to Wonderland

The Mad Hatter Would Beat Her Up(Get The Reference To His Actor? )

V 1 Comment
454 Introduce Her and Boots to Agent P
455 Convince Yzma to Use One of Her Potions on Her

She'll turn Dora into a flee, a harmless little flee. Then, she'll put that flee in a box, then put that box inside another, and mail that box to herself. And when it arrives, she'll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!

456 Tell Her Her Real Name is Dory

No-erase her mind and tell her that her name is fatty derp and she goes around crapping her pants

But Dory From Finding Nemo And Finding Dory Is 1 Billion Times Better Than That Atrocious,Football Headed Explorer

457 The Police Arrest Dora

Dora Will Get Caught Smoking Weed

458 Cady from Mean Girls Pushes Dora In Front of a Bus
459 Replace Boots With Lucifer (Cinderella)

And hopeful he will pull some mischievous pranks on her. Either way, at least he's more realistic than boots because he can't talk and does not walk on two legs.

V 1 Comment
460 Have her meet the Grinch V 1 Comment
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