Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Dora the Explorer


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461 Have her meet the Grinch V 1 Comment
462 Invite Dora to an underwater jellyfish rave party at Spongebob's house V 1 Comment
463 She Falls Into A Sarlacc Pit
464 She Gets Attacked By A Pit Bull V 1 Comment
465 Godzilla Blasts Her With His Atomic Breath V 1 Comment
466 Kill Her With Spiked Bombs Full of Acid
467 Nickname Her Dorito.

She should turn into one and get eaten.


468 Annoying Orange Annoys Her
469 Kraang Prime Tramples On Dora's Face
470 Dora fades in Time Paradox

We time travel when Dora was born and We kill Newborn Dora and Her Parents. - ChroniclerMan5

471 Have someone mutilate her body parts, burn them to ashes, and then dance on top of those ashes
472 Make her watch logos that scare people

She can watch the logos of BND, Rankin Bass, Viacom, Children's Television Workshop, Family Home Entertainment, thanks, Klasky Csupo, PBS, DIC, Columbia Tristar, WGBH, View Askew, Zombastic, and Nothing Can Go Wrong Now

473 Organize a Nickelodeon vs. Disney Street Fight

With Dora being so useless she is sent in to fight and dies immediately.

Whoever made Dora and Judy Hopps the leaders has a great result.

(For whoever had nick vs Disney fight)
Disney will always guarantee a win even if Elsa and Anna are removed from the team and die in hell.

V 1 Comment
474 Judy Hopps kills Dora with a shotgun
475 Nick Wilde kills Dora with a chainsaw
476 Get Sharon to use her braces to bite Dora's head off
477 Scare her with the Wormy close-up from Spongebob
478 Hire Winnie the Pooh and Tigger to Throw Away Dora's Backpack and Map
479 Tigger Bounces On Dora and Boots, Crushing Them Both
480 Have Her Meet Christian Grey

Both Are A Cancer To Entertainment

Dora The Explorer meets Fifty Shades of Grey

V 2 Comments
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