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101 Tell Yogi Bear and Top Cat to get TNT to Dora explode

Where will they get it from? Minecraft?

102 Tell the Minions to kick Dora's butt and punch Dora's face

Minions and Scarlet Overkill combined would be enough to make Dora soil her bum.

I'd pee myself if I watched this,

This would be so hilarious.

Me-Hey Gru?
Me-Do You This Mexican Girl Named Dora The Explorer?
Gru-Yes I Do!
Me-Can You Tell The Minions To Beat Up Dora?
Gru-Sure,They Hate Dora Too! (Then Dora Appears In Gru's Lab)
Dora-Do You See The Minions?
All The Minions-TATATA-BALA-TU! (Means I Hate You In Minionesse)
Dora-Oh..(The Minions Beat Dora To A Pulp)
Gru-Well Done Minions!
Gru-(Takes Out Freeze Ray)-Time For Your Freezing You Blind And Deaf Idiot So FREEZE RAY! (Freezes Dora)

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103 SpongeBob Gets Angry at Boots

You mean Dora, right?

That would be hilarious

Boots: so...why are these "Krabby pattys" so weird tasting?

That would be funny

104 Homer Simpson kicks Dora

I'd laugh my head off if I saw this.

Or maybe Dora gets electrocuted by putting that bug zapper in the water and trying to eat a fish instead of Homer.

I NEED to see Homer kicking Dora though.

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105 Elsa steps on Dora's foot

Actually being stomp on Anna/other frozen's characters will feel like being stomped by a regular person. But by Elsa, she'll freeze - MLPFan

And? How will that make any difference? It will only leave a bruise. But, then again, she can't control her dang powers (which is so stupid, why would any elemental have no control over their power? ).

That Would Redeem Elsa Almost Completely

106 Scooby-Doo uses the Mystery Machine and kills Dora V 1 Comment
107 SpongeBob Kills Diego With Bazooka V 1 Comment
108 Pacman Eats Dora With One Bite

That will be hilarious if pac man kills her, she will die for what she did to us.

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109 Dora is devoured by cannibals V 3 Comments
110 They Cook Her Into Fried Chicken and Eat Her

Just like in The Simpsons: Nightmare Cafeteria

She actually almost let Baby Jaguar die once. But this is just cannibalistic

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111 All Hanna-Barbera characters beat up Dora

Ooh yay cartoon godzilla could keel her

Go Super Friends I believe in you guys.

112 Have Her Rot In Hell
113 Dora Plays Five Nights At Freddy's

Every character in the series will sneak up behind her, and kill her while she's playing it. THE END.

Then Chica will scare the crap out of her.

WHERE ARE WE GOING? -clap clap clap- The pizzeria at 3:00 am!
Then some animatronic rips her head off

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114 Let her live

Same thing with give her an awesome present, that's not a good idea.

No. Who is the idiot who put this dumb thing on here.

More like let her die

She can live but just make her life hard 'Kay?

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115 Tell SwaySway & Buhdeuce to Poison Her With Rotten Bread

Ya, Dora's worst than Breadwinners. Anyway, Breadwinners isn't that bad actually.

No All 3 Of Them Are Pathetic Excuses For T.V. Show Characters

I hate SwaySway and Buhdeuce, but I hate Dora E-V-E-N more!

116 Richard Watterson sits on Dora until she dies

That would be awesome

I love amazing world of gumball but I hate dora

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117 Spike (MLP) sets her on fire V 1 Comment
118 She goes to hell

She couldn't resist the pushing, punching and flames! That would be amazing! VOTE KNOW

The lake f fire is not eternal in a literal, fiery sense, but the effects are eternal.

If it and Satan exist then the minute she goes to Hell's doorstep Satan will personally kill her from a death that she'll never return from. - Anonymousxcxc

119 Have Freddy Fazbear and Foxy and the Others Kill Her

Lol that would be amazing foxy can kill her with his hook and spring trap can freak her out



120 Effie Trinket makes her a tribute and Katniss kills her

Dora would survive perfectly in the wild after years of unsupervised exploration and never coming across poisonous frog because her face is to ugly even for them.

Dora should enter the hunger games and be the first too die

Clove should have the honors instead.

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