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141 Dora Gets Deported
142 Darth Vader kills Dora with saber made of potatoes
143 The Cat In the Hat and the Things Push Dora, Caillou, and Barney Into a Fire Pit

Dora gets pushed in first, since she is the worst of them

The three worst types of T.V. Show Cancer will be gone!

144 Dora Replaces Cinderella as Lady Tremaine's House Slave
145 The Sky Falls on Dora and Chicken Little Laughs at Her

LOL that funny, and they can be singing it's the end of the world as we know it with aporrisin alien.

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146 Confiscate Her Brain

But that's the point. The more hate, the better. Anyway, she wouldn't even be stupid because you'd have to have a brain in order to be stupid. She'd be literally brain-dead instead.

But then she'll be stupider than ever and everyone will hate her even MORE. She deserves to be hated.

147 Assemble an Angry Mob of Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network Characters to Chase After Her
148 Put All Dora Characters in a Concentration Camp

Everyone Excluding Swiper And The Troll

Everyone Except Swiper

Stop making world war II jokes. it's not funny. - TeamRocket747

Dora Would Be The First To Fie! 😃

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149 Princess Fiona Kicks Dora's Football Head V 1 Comment
150 Suzy Johnson Tortures Dora

Suzy's from Phineas and Ferb. She pretends to be an innocent five year old girl but is secretly an evil mastermind. Even the local bully is afraid of Suzy.

She can finally pick on someone her own age and someone who deserves it.

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151 Finnick Bites Off Dora's Face

"You kiss me tomorrow, and I'll BITE YOUR FACE OFF! "

My favourite scene!



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152 She Seppukus Herself
153 Mario Throws Spaghetti at Her Face V 1 Comment
154 Grim Gloom (The 7D) casts a spell on Dora to kill her

(plays Dangerous by David Guetta) Go Grimmy! Finish Dora off! Grim is the hottest, funniest and most badass villain. He should use his awesome wand to cat spells on her. Best thing on the list. - AinezoChan

155 Shave All of Dora's Hair and Put Her On Almost Naked Animals

The first human character in the show

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156 Teen Titans Take Down Dora

More Like The Original Teen Titans Take Down Dora

157 My Doberman Bites Dora

And all of her animal friends can join in and say "I've wanted to do this for a LONG time! " Why are her only friends animals!?!?!

158 The Police Attack Dora

Why not make an episode where this sorry excuse for a genius gets beat up, shot, and arrested by the police? We'll see if she can continue her retarded jokes now.

159 Chantel Dubois Shoots Dora With The Black Poison Dart

Like She Almost Did To Alex, But Alex Deserved To Live
Dora On The Other Hand, Deserves To Die

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160 The Avengers defeat Dora

Yes. - Jay12

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