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161 Her Show Gets a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes
162 She Gets Another Movie

Her movies take to long to finish do not make another movie

And every character except Swiper and the Troll dies at the end. YAY! - Powerfulgirl10



163 Mario Visits and Tells Dora to Dig Underground and Stay Underground

Shouldn't Mario take steroids, be hulky & then strangle Dora t death?! YES!

Dora should be a boss in Mario and she is the easiest one to beat

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164 Sandy Cheeks Kills Her With a Needle
165 Haruhi Traps Her In Closed Space

He should lock her in the closet and put a chair in front of the door and leave her there forever

Did you mean,Haruhi Suzumiya? From the melacholy of haruhi suzumiya? - MLPFan

166 Parents Not Let Her Leave the House

That would be hilarious! Finally her parents can take charge! No more exploring for her! Where does she go anyway?

I know right? Where does dora go anyway? To Antarctica, or to Florida,USA? I have no clue where she goes. What a weird setting.

Then she will end up seeing dads internet history

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167 Nuke the Place She Lives In V 3 Comments
168 Zig eats Dora

That would be awesome I think sharko would be happy too laugh out loud

That would be awesome I wish he would do that

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169 Kamehameha To The Face V 1 Comment
170 Make her get a eye exam V 2 Comments
171 Have Herobrine Watch Her Show Then They Meet

Vamanos, let's get killed by herobrine!
Dora was slain by Herobrine

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172 Have Gangsters Live With Her
173 Slenderman Comes to Dora's House

Oh. My. God. I'd love to see this happen.

She would be a super annoying but perfect proxy. She can kill by being blind

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174 Have a Bunch of Rats Jump On Dora and Give Her Disaeases V 2 Comments
175 The Imperial Japanese Army Captures Her While "Exploring" and Sends Her to an Internment Camp As a "Prisoner of War" to Be Tortured

Dora well suffer from all that torture and misery

176 She Gets Bitten by a Snake

King Cobra, they are the most venomous.

A rattler, taipan, cobra, or black mamba?

177 She gets killed by the Red Ribbon Army
178 She Gets Slapped to Death for Calling Needle "Needy"

Just watch Battle for Dream Island. That explains it all.

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179 Eaten by Scooby-Doo

Scooby can turn her into hamburgers and eat them up.

180 Tell Fred Flintstone to Slap Dora's Face
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