Top 10 Things That Should Happen to Elsa and Anna from Frozen


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1 Elsa gets killed by Prince Hans

I'd love that to happen!

Elsa should have been purely evil and try to kill her sister, Anna, while Hans should have remained a protagonist and kill her, just to make this movie better. - DinoLover4242

I don't even like Frozen so I want all these things to happen. - cosmo

That would be awesome if it really happened - panda21

Shut up visitor. And let us have our own opinion or I will make you shoot yourself.

2 Anna actually does stay frozen in ice forever

Ice Anna Sculpture could be a decoration for Elsa.

Preferably when the sculpture make Elsa feel powerless and guilty, kneel down and embrace it with a stream of tears falling down to the ground. The best opportunity for Hans to get up and finish her off by snapping her neck/slitting her throat with the broken sword/whatever you prefer. - TheRegular1227

She'd worth a lot of money, especially for decoration and exhibition, of course. - TheRegular1227

Anna sacrifices all her Brat ways to stay as Elsa's Ice Sculpture forever.

Actually. It would be a nice decoration.

3 Elsa gets run over by a bus

Umm, buses didn't existed during the time this movie takes places in, so this scenario is very unrealistic. - DinoLover4242

The wheels on the bus go round and round - Catacorn

Frozen Fans get run over by a bus and squashed pancake flat.

I want to see this. Haha! - cosmo

You may want to see this but too bad it never happened which it makes me glad Elsa didn't die.

4 Elsa poops herself

She " let it go " too much! Lol! - Ihateelsa

Funny Fact:
1800's Norway didn't have any pants or baths.

Imagine how funny it would be if Elsa pooped in public and it would go all over her ugly dress. What would she do with her dress then?


How does Elsa poop herself? What kind of thought is that?

Lol I would poop myself to laughing

5 Anna catches Ebola

Yeah, it's rude to say Anna deserve to catch ebola. How dare you say that someone deserve ebola. Just because you find Frozen sucked that doesn't give you the right to say that Anna and Elsa deserve ebola. You Anna and Elsa haters better take what you said by acknowledging that nobody deserves ebola especially not Anna and Elsa who doesn't deserve ebola.

I hate frozen, but saying that they deserves ebola is too much of hate. - PrettyLittleLiars_BiggestFan

I don't think you should say that someone deserve ebola. I know that Frozen sucked and is my least favorite movie of all time, but you should not tell something so rude. Plainty of people died because of ebola, and I'm not jocking - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

This went way to far. Next time how about the flu or a broken arm? Lets tone it down. I know they are fictional but this went to far.

6 Elsa catches Ebola

Nobody deserve to catch ebola. Frozen only sucks for these and those ungrateful Frozen hating ingrates. Nobody should say that people especially Anna and Elsa deserve ebola. You stupid, ungrateful Frozen hating creeps have no right to insult Anna and Elsa like that. The only ones who always say mean things about Anna and Elsa are Frozen haters themselves. They got a lot nerve to talk about Anna and Elsa like that in a mean way. You Frozen haters especially Anna and Elsa haters take back what you said about Anna and Elsa by acknowledging that nobody especially not Anna and Elsa never deserve to catch Ebola. Why are you Frozen haters being so mean to our most all time favorite prettiest, sweetest sisters Anna and Elsa? You Frozen haters are being so mean to those two prettiest, sweetest sisters Anna and Elsa. What gives you the right to insult our all time favorite sisters Anna and Elsa like that and be mean to Anna and Elsa? Quit insulting Anna and Elsa like that. Quit being mean to ...more

Because our hatred toward them told us to do so. After all, they've gone too far. - TheRegular1227

Elsa is a frigging jerk, but Ebola is... Wow. Way too serious.

No one real of fictions should catch Ebola. Too many people have gotten sick and died from it. This one went to far.

Dude, that's is just rude. Ebola is just too much hate. - Ihateelsa

7 Elsa looses her powers

STUPID ELSA/ANNA FANS! You and everyone in your fan club could practically MARRY Anna/Elsa by the way you treat "them". Well, here's the truth. ELSA/ANNA ARE NOT REAL! THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS WHO ARE IN A MOVIE! See, you are addicted to "them" like someone might be addicted to drugs. Every single list is always like, "She'll cry and bleed and get hurt and…" WELL GUESS WHAT? THEY AREN'T REAL! Elsa and Anna are fake. They are from movies. What fans don't understand is that they cannot bear to think of "them" as fake. So you know what? You people make fan clubs to so that everyone is rest assured that "they" are real. Turns out, "they're not.

O.K. , know that I've stopped screaming like the Frozen fans have done for the last 20 or so lists, I can finally get my message out straight, which will appear in the next paragraph:

Well Frozen fans--look at you. You've been harassing hundreds--if not thousands--of people ...more

Visible Special Powers are entirely cool and I don't even care if they're entirely supernatural and/or magical. Elsa never ever even deserve to be weak and helpless. You haters are the worst nightmares.

Just stop it! You make me crazy if you don't like Frozen so talk to your hand and mind your own business and frozen lovers keep calm and love frozen!

If would be great if she just loses her powers. - cosmo

Losing powers is never ever even great. That's the worst nightmare of these and those who love powers a lot more than ever.

8 Anna pees herself

I don't even see Anna peeing herself and Elsa pooping herself in the movie Frozen. You stupid Frozen Anna and Elsa haters are being downright mean to Anna and Elsa, aren't you? You dare to insult Anna and Elsa like that? Never ever insult Anna and Elsa like that. Quit being downright mean to Anna and Elsa, quit badmouthing Anna and Elsa like that and quit insulting Anna and Elsa like that. Where did you get that stupid thought?

Caps Girl, please watch other movies that are not frozen related. There are so many films better then frozen such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Grown Ups, Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War (my favourite), Dare Night, National Security, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, The Simpsons Movie and much more!

That would be kind of funny - JaysTop10List

If Anna pees her herself it would show her ******

We got that "stupid thought" after we thoroughly scanned your brain to collect all the moronic you call "smarts".

9 The Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys team up to destroy Elsa and Anna and the rest of the Frozen characters


Isn't this basically the same thing as things that should happen to Dora the Explorer.

This would be awesome, the PPG are better sisters than Anna and Elsa. Buttercup, Brick, Boomer, Blossom, Butch, and Bubbles are better than any of the Frozen characters, and they are more fun. Buttercup is a trllion times better than Elsa as well.

10 Elsa & Anna Eat 200 Burritos, Go to a Small Room, lock the Doors, close the Blinds, and Fart.

Seriously, fart jokes are literally the easiest laziest comedy there is, and it bothers me to see in otherwise brilliant films like this.

Also... *Anna/Elsa farts loudly* - DinoLover4242

I can't believe we both managed to eat 200 burritos Elsa said well I have an idea of what we can do Anna said what? Elsa asked follow me and I'll show you. As they walked through the palace and down the stairs they suddenly stopped at a door why did we stop? We're here Anna said as she opened the door and they walked in the room was small, empty and a bit of light came from the window. lock the door please Anna said okay Elsa said now what are we doing here? Elsa asked I'll tell you in a minute just let me close the blinds Anna said ok now I brought us here so we can have fun with our gross sides Anna said with a smile Anna I'm queen and you're the princess of a kingdom we can't just be gross when ever we want Elsa said that's why I brought us down here nobody ever comes in here

And trust me this room is private Anna said ok but when we're done make sure nobody else comes in here Elsa said I promise now I'll go frist Anna said and let out a big ffaarrrtt! Ah that's the stuff Anna said fanning the air that your turn ok elsa said before let out a big fffaaarrrt! Ah Elsa exclamed nice one sis Anna said excuse me that was a stinker Elsa jokeed

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11 Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) slapped the magic zipper onto Anna's face, pulls it off and Anna's mouth disappears

Ursula would've taken Anna's voice away from her.

All because Anna's nothing nor nothing else but a big fat loud motormouthed nuisance who always talk way, far too much more than ever and it's more irritating than ever.

12 Elsa sings her stupid song and then a big rock falls on her

If you imagine it that would be funny even if I hate this movie. - cosmo

Elsa's ice power can't do anything about a big rock. Making an ice wall is also pointless, as its tensile strength is beyond the force of the rock. - TheRegular1227

Honestly, tell me who wrote that comment. "Meanie Heads" really? Come back to edit that comment when you're out of diapers. (and old enough to cuss)

That would make it my new favorite movie. I would replay the scene over and over, laughing non stop!

I'd rather it fell on her before the song ended... Then nobody would have to hear it - Shake_n_Bake13

13 Rosalina murders Elsa

Am I the only one who thinks Elsa is a ripoff of Rosalina?

Rosalina: You impersonator who got a -1 vote makes no sense! I am the princess of the galaxies and space, and I can control it to my will! And now, I will use my power to kill Elsa, you impersonator. She controls ice, I control space, which includes THE SUNS. Those can kill her quickly, and also, butt out of these lists fangirl impersonator.

Princess Rosalina of Mushroom: No way! Just because she may be different me yet she may be similar to be doesn't mean she copied me and I will never ever even murder Elsa. Murdering is a bad unforgivable crime and sin. Don't expect me to murder Elsa. You're really mean to Elsa, aren't you? You're worse than Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, aren't you? Nobody insults Elsa like that. I will never ever even let anything bad happen to Elsa and not Anna either so quit insulting Elsa like that.

Princess Rosalina of the Galaxy not Mushroom: I am not a princess of the mushrooms, that's Peach you are talking about. I do not like Elsa, nor I even like her, Problem whiny frozen fan? And We are worse than Prince Hans? HE IS THE ONE WHO IS EVIL IN THE FIRST PLACE! We are no way near close to evil are we? I'm Princess Rosalina of the Stars and the Galaxy, Do you even play the games that I'm in? I can stand Bowser more than you, You are just one mad Frozen Fan because not everyone likes Frozen. Yelling on the top tens isn't gonna help, neither is threatening fellow users of the top tens. So why won't you butt out okay? - EleenFirePrincess

I'm half wolf/girl of weather friendship nature laughter and honesty

14 Anna eats Elsa

DeviantArt has joined the chat...

YES! that would be HILARIOUS! But how would she do that? Would she eat her whole, or...… Never mind

Imagine Anna a CANNIBAL.

Serves Elsa right! Anna is so underrated.

15 Bob the Builder fixes them

Oh yes, there is an answer. Bob the Builder fixes them by giving Elsa counseling so she can stop her drug-addicted and prostitute ways. He also puts Anna in a juvenile detention center, because she was having a relationship with a 30 year old man (Prince Hans) when she was only 17. That's how Bob the Builder fixed them.

Oh yes there is an answer! Bob the Builder fixes them by convincing Elsa to stop being a prostitute/drug addict. He helps Anna by admitting her in a juvenile detention center, after she was with a 30 year old man (Prince Hans) when she was only 17 years old. That's how Bob the Builder fixed them.

Why Bob the Builder? He is a retard

How does Bob fix those two orphaned sisters Anna and Elsa? Huh?

By dismembering their limbs, decapitating their heads, saying the phrase " Can we fix them? " and failing to do so. But at least, they're dead. - TheRegular1227

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16 The Joker Does His Pencil Trick On Dora

Dora is a kids cartoon character, not Frozen. - DinoLover4242

Dora isn't in a Frozen...

This Was Added Here By Accident

17 Trevor Phillips gets irate over Elsa singing Let it Go and goes into Rampage Mode

That would make a good level where Trevor destroys loads of Elsa statues and then blows up the palace.

I can see Trevor Phillips doing this.

Trevor will kill Elsa in a gas station, that way she can EXPLODE! Grand Theft Auto is far better than that stupid movie

Trevor is the best he should kill elsa and anna with a mini gun

18 A Cow Farts In Anna's Face

Anna haters laughing hysterically right in Anna's face right after that

Anna: Who are you?
Cow: MOO! (I need to fart so please go.)
Anna: That is a very nice name. Wow, I love that hole in your butt. Can I see inside?
Cow: MOOO! (NO! My fart is toxic Methane...)
Anna: OK (Sticks head in butt.)
Cow: (Farts)
Anna: (Coughs and falls on the ground.) You are rude. You know you can't fart in other people's faces because your fart is toooxicc...(Faints due to the cow's fart.)

19 Elsa gets locked in a room that is -105 degrees and screams "does the cold bother you now?!?!"


Stupid Elsa

Juno the Ice Goddess

Juno:What a stupid poser I see!


Juno:(traps Elsa in -9999999999999999 degree ice cube)


Haha... I laughed really hard on this one. This should've happened. - TheRegular1227

Hey! Elsa was born with ice powers, you Elsa hating meanie-marvins.

Her parents locked her in another room away from her little sister Anna after the accident.

O.K. 3 year old, nobody says "meanie". That's just childish and inefficient. It's also offensive to people named Marvin, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone named Marvin came on this site, saw your comment, and started ranting about all the childish efforts and ways of fan clubs trying to "prove their point". You say Elsa is your role model on fan club websites E.T.C. , But the way you're showing her example makes me wonder if Elsa is taking medications that are not perscribed for her.

That would be so funny.😂 I would pee myself if that happens.

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20 Voldemort cast the killing curse on Anna and Elsa

Anna: Who are you, Ugly man with no nose?
Anna: (Farts and falls down)

I love this one. if it actually happens, Voldemort will be my (though I probaly think he would reject):(

21 Destructo murders Elsa & Anna

My Profile Picture NOT Is Destructo - Devonchi

22 Judy Hopps arrests them

Here's my own story I thought of. You can read if you like.

(Elsa and Anna arrive at Zootopia with magic)
Elsa: I don't care if humans didn't ever exist here. Let it go! (Shoots ice powers at the town)
Judy: Oh man. (Gets Nick)
Nick: What?
Judy: Someone insane and her sister froze the town!
Nick: Oh man, they'll be sorry!
(5 minutes later...)
Anna: Yes! (cheering) The land of Zootopia is frozen! People will like us better!
Judy: (Nick is beside her, glaring at them) What did you do?
Elsa: I froze the town.
Nick: Alright, that's it. Unfreeze it now.
Elsa: Fine. (Unfreezes the town)
Anna: This was a huge mistake! We're so sorry!
Judy: Apology unaccepted. You're coming with us!
(After arriving at the judge)
Judge: Here we have Elsa and Anna, guilty of freezing our beloved down. You will get 15 years in prison, and Elsa, your powers will get demolished once and for all. Thank you, Judy and Nick.
(In jail)
Bellwether: So you ended ...more

Nick and Judy are way better partners than Anna and Elsa

Judy is so cute, Anna and Elsa are not!

23 Thanos disintegrates them

That would be amazing!

24 Elsa is poisoned

Elsa gets bitten by a cobra (even though they never lived in Europe, where the film takes place in). - DinoLover4242

Elsa gets destroyed by the elements.

Elsa drinks cyanide.

That's the meanest thing I've ever heard. Why you would want Elsa to be poisoned just because you hate Elsa with a passion? Never insult Elsa like that.

High fiction especially high fantasy is always better than reality in every way and every other way.

25 Elsa loses control of her powers so she farts snow clouds

Brussels Sprouts+Baked Beans+Coca Cola= Unstoppable Elsa's Farting Powers.

My sister farts ice crystals prettier than Elsa and Anna. - EleenFirePrincess

I am a fan and this would be funny. So is the whole cold = those tiny snowmen

I better not get fan flamed because there is nothing wrong with this - Thatgirl

You fans need to have fun every once in a while. Did ya know that? Chill... - Thatgirl

26 Elsa burps Anna into a snow statue

Elsa: I can't control my (Burps Ice) Powers. Anna, RUN!

Anna: No, I love you. (Hugs Elsa)

Elsa: (Burps in Anna's Face.)

Anna: What the...(Chokes) What did you eat, Man. Your breath STINKS?!

Elsa: Garlic Pizza...(BURP)...What?

Anna: I told you not to eat Garlic Pizza because you CAN'T control your Burping and would YOU PLEASE STOP BURPING IN MY FACE! MY HAIR IS TURNING WHITE!

Elsa: I...Can't...STOP (Burps at Anna's heart.)

Anna: Yuck. Oh great. I am GOING to be FROZEN and stink of GARLIC. Ugh...(Freezes into Ice Statue)

Elsa: (Stops burping) Phew. I need more Garlic Pizza, then I will cry on you to Un-freeze you. I will be gone till Afternoon. I have to meet up with my Pals now. We are of to eat garlic pizza, play video games...skateboard... It's called Bro-Ship. (Goes to meet up with Pals.)

Frozen Anna Can't Talk: (No! Oh come on, Please Unfreeze me Now! I stink of garlic and I REALLY need to Poop and take a Bath from your ...more

The half wolf / girl on this comment area me I have a bit more a bit more powers to

Yes, you are stupid.

Princess Anna of Arendelle: That's a lie. My sister never ever even burp me into a snow statue.

27 They make out

Tell me who Anna and Elsa make out with. Don't tell me those two sweetest sisters Anna and Elsa make out with each other.

This is just as bad as any kind of shipping involving the Striaton trio (though shipping them is worse). Homosexual incest! - RiverClanRocks


28 They eat popcorn and watch "2001: A Space Odyssey"

This proves how dumb Frozen fans are. You're acting like this is deadly. Good thing I have my hammer to smash Elsa and Anna with...

How would this happen to those two sweetest orphaned royal sisters Anna and Elsa? Huh?

! What is wrong with this?! You watched a movie before ( duh frozen ) and probably had popcorn too! You fans get on my nerves - Ihateelsa

29 Bellatrix Lestrange puts a cruciatus curse on Anna and Elsa

What does Bellatrix have to do with Frozen..? Also wrong universe. Also there isn't really any magic in this, it's more of a "Natural/Elemental" magic universe. Also I think people are pulling things out of their hind ends at this point. "Let's see.. *Pulls name* Bellatrix! *Pulls out a scenario* "Cruciatus Curse! " "Alright! "

Bellatrix hates Anna and Elsa because Anna's a filthy muggle and Elsa's a filthy mud-blood.

Bellatrix hates muggles, muggle-borns, half bloods, squids and blood traitors alike. She especially hate Anna and Elsa because Anna is the muggle of Arendelle and Elsa is the muggle-born of Arendelle.

30 Anna and Elsa are killed by Freddy Krueger
31 Kikyo lures Anna's and Elsa's souls to become one of Kikyo's soul collectors
32 Rosalina punches Elsa

Elsa sucks gk back to what you are doing person who wrote that - epictoonsfan1

Rosalina sucks she is stupid I wish rosalina will go to hell for doing that

33 Kraang Prime Tramples On Elsa And Anna's Faces

Do not think that is necessary as their faces already look squashed up with a sprinkle of freckles for extra ugliness. I like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Too.

I can see that happen.

Laugh Out Loud.


34 Anna gets Fire Powers

I always thought that should of happened. It would actually change the movie from a 2/10 to a 8/10

35 Drop them down a hole to Satan
36 Anna loses her mind

Her brain breaks out of her head and goes to heaven, Anna dies and goes to hell. - DinoLover4242

Anna haters: Anna entirely deserves that happened to her if she hadn't chose to wake up in the middle of night, none of this would've happened if she'd just get her butt back to bed.

I want answers how would Anna lose her mind now.

That already happend ( thanks to Elsa ) talking to the pictures on the wall - Ihateelsa

Don't you dare blame Elsa for the accident in their childhood. Elsa never ever even hurt her little sister Anna on purpose.

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37 Elsa gets really bad gas and dies

That would be so sad and hilarious at the same time. - Ihateelsa

If Elsa continues to sing LET IT GO (A Fart song) then she is going to have much worse gas then that.

This is so funny.

Ha ha, but first she would be I need to finish my songs and stuff. Gas will not show mercy. Ha ha classic - Therandom

I'd actually love to see that - Imyourstalker

I'd actually hate to see that. Elsa never ever deserve to be insulted like that and hated.

38 Elsa freezes all of her fans

If Elsa freezes all of her fans, she'll lose them for good.

In case you want to know, this list item is directed at Frozen fans, not "haters". By the way, you say Elsa is sweet and kind, yet YOU have the nerve to WISH she would murder "haters". Now that doesn't seem so sweet and kind, does it?

She will have some really UGLY collection of her Frozen Fangirl Ice Sculptures.

What about she freezes the haters

39 Elsa is forced to make out with Justin Bieber


Imagine how funny it would be if Elsa married Justin Bieber and he would sing BABY song at their wedding. The song is so bad that it goes into your insides.

Everyone would get severe constipation.

Justin Bieber would spit on Elsa.

Actually he DID spit on his fans.


I don't know how to respond to that... - Thatgirl

Hey! Elsa will never meet Justin Bieber. In the canon movie Frozen, Elsa didn't have her own canon love interest. Elsa doesn't deserve to be forced to make out with Justin Bieber, you Elsa hating bullies.

Can she freeze him after so we don't have to hear his singing for awhile?

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40 Hans breaks Elsa's Ice Castle

Hans disguised as an elderly man: Hello Elsa, I need you to help me build houses ( DEMOLISHES CASTLE)

Won't it melt when the mountain heats up anyway? And she can always build another one. It would be funny it then it pissed off Marshmellow the giant ice snowman protector and it ate Hans.

After Frozen end credits, Elsa's Ice Castle is still standing so too bad.

I'm glad Elsa's Ice Palace is still standing instead of melting.

41 Elsa and Anna don't bring the Knights who say Ni a shrubbery so they die

Thankfully, Anna and Elsa didn't get killed off so too bad.

You don't know what ni means? Well neither do I. But the Knights who say Ni can kill someone by saying Ni repeatedly. And they don't have any powers like Elsa. Heck, they don't even get up and fight the enemy like Anna! So that makes them more powerful. And if you want to see them more, watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's 100% hilarious and better than Frozen, so you won't forget it! - MontyPython

42 Elsa plays Five Nights at Freddy's

I'm shocked at these Elsa fans. I haven't played the game before, and I know its some type of horror game, but I don't see how she can get hurt by this. If she loves horror stories, she can play this game if she wants to because its her choice. Elsa fans are sooo dumb.

You Anna haters, Elsa haters or Anna and Elsa haters always want bad things happen to Anna and Elsa, do you? You Anna and Elsa haters are evil.

Monty Python rules, Frozen drools. Go on, you can shoot me now. I dare you. - MontyPython

Elsa: that's to scary! Elsas mum: ok don't play it sweetheart. Elsa: thanks MUM! Elsas mum no problem.

Come on animatronics! Kill her already!
And to the Frozen girl

You don't know what FNAF is, so shut up. The phantoms and nightmares will scare her to death, and then she will get attacked by the withered, toy, and normal animatronics. Elsa will get killed by every other animatronic! Then, for sweet revenge, they kill Springtrap and throw him along with Elsa into the fire. Go animatronics!

43 Jack Frost freezes Elsa after he kisses her

You Elsa haters are a lot worse than Prince Hans, aren't you?

You know it never ever even happened in canon Frozen. I'm glad Elsa didn't get killed off. I'm especially glad Elsa was never ever even frozen. Nobody kisses Elsa in the canon movie Frozen.

Jack oh elsa beauty your so pretty less thanks jack jack np

44 They die

The only ones who died in the movie Frozen so far are Anna and Elsa's parents. Blame that stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck for not letting Elsa attending her own parents' funeral after they were killed in a shipwreck leaving Anna and Elsa orphaned. Can you believe those stupid film writers of Frozen instead made Elsa miss her own parents' funeral so Anna had to go to their parents' funeral without her big sister Elsa thanks to those stupid film writers, stupid directors and filmmakers especially thanks to that stupid Jennifer Lee.

Thankfully, Neither Anna nor Elsa got killed off so too bad Anna and Elsa haters. Same goes for Anna haters and Elsa haters too.

This is only at 27?

45 Get taunted by the French Taunter

And I'm happy that this is the only comment that the Frozen fans don't find "offensive". Cause seriously, what's so wrong with getting taunted?
Hans: Well, if they get taunted by the French Taunter a cow, a wooden rabbit, farm animals, hay, grass and weeds, and manure will get chucked at them.
Hans: Whoops. - MontyPython

I would actually like to see how Disney characters react in Holy Grail. That would be fun to watch! - MontyPython

I'm a frozen fan bad luck haters

46 Anna and Elsa were killed by Leena Klammer from Orphan
47 Anna and Elsa Catch Ebola

Seriously too far with Ebola!


They should die a painful death 👺

48 Anna and Elsa Are Poisoned
49 Anna and Elsa eat poisoned chocolate
50 Anna and Elsa touch the spindle like Aurora did

Wouldn't work Aurora was cursed.

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