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21 Elsa gets locked in a room that is -105 degrees and screams "does the cold bother you now?!?!"


Stupid Elsa

Juno the Ice Goddess

Juno:What a stupid poser I see!


Juno:(traps Elsa in -9999999999999999 degree ice cube)


Haha... I laughed really hard on this one. This should've happened. - TheRegular1227

Hey! Elsa was born with ice powers, you Elsa hating meanie-marvins.

Her parents locked her in another room away from her little sister Anna after the accident.

O.K. 3 year old, nobody says "meanie". That's just childish and inefficient. It's also offensive to people named Marvin, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone named Marvin came on this site, saw your comment, and started ranting about all the childish efforts and ways of fan clubs trying to "prove their point". You say Elsa is your role model on fan club websites E.T.C. , But the way you're showing her example makes me wonder if Elsa is taking medications that are not perscribed for her.

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22 Elsa loses control of her powers so she farts snow clouds

Brussels Sprouts+Baked Beans+Coca Cola= Unstoppable Elsa's Farting Powers.

My sister farts ice crystals prettier than Elsa and Anna. - EleenFirePrincess

I am a fan and this would be funny. So is the whole cold = those tiny snowmen

Oh man, that is hillarious

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23 Elsa burps Anna into a snow statue

Elsa: I can't control my (Burps Ice) Powers. Anna, RUN!

Anna: No, I love you. (Hugs Elsa)

Elsa: (Burps in Anna's Face.)

Anna: What the...(Chokes) What did you eat, Man. Your breath STINKS?!

Elsa: Garlic Pizza...(BURP)...What?

Anna: I told you not to eat Garlic Pizza because you CAN'T control your Burping and would YOU PLEASE STOP BURPING IN MY FACE! MY HAIR IS TURNING WHITE!

Elsa: I...Can't...STOP (Burps at Anna's heart.)

Anna: Yuck. Oh great. I am GOING to be FROZEN and stink of GARLIC. Ugh...(Freezes into Ice Statue)

Elsa: (Stops burping) Phew. I need more Garlic Pizza, then I will cry on you to Un-freeze you. I will be gone till Afternoon. I have to meet up with my Pals now. We are of to eat garlic pizza, play video games...skateboard... It's called Bro-Ship. (Goes to meet up with Pals.)

Frozen Anna Can't Talk: (No! Oh come on, Please Unfreeze me Now! I stink of garlic and I REALLY need to Poop and take a Bath from your ...more

The half wolf / girl on this comment area me I have a bit more a bit more powers to

Yes, you are stupid.

Gah sos uh I wil tryh talk Englisha
I am a half wolf of friendship that contians alll me powers

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24 They make out

Tell me who Anna and Elsa make out with. Don't tell me those two sweetest sisters Anna and Elsa make out with each other.

This is just as bad as any kind of shipping involving the Striaton trio (though shipping them is worse). Homosexual incest! - RiverClanRocks

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25 Voldemort cast the killing curse on Anna and Elsa

Anna: Who are you, Ugly man with no nose?
Anna: (Farts and falls down)

26 Anna and Elsa are killed by Freddy Krueger
27 Kikyo lures Anna's and Elsa's souls to become one of Kikyo's soul collectors
28 Rosalina punches Elsa

Rosalina sucks she is stupid I wish rosalina will go to hell for doing that

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29 Kraang Prime Tramples On Elsa And Anna's Faces

Do not think that is necessary as their faces already look squashed up with a sprinkle of freckles for extra ugliness. I like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Too.

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30 Judy Hopps arrests them

Nick and Judy are way better partners than Anna and Elsa

Judy is so cute, Anna and Elsa are not!

Here's my own story I thought of. You can read if you like.

(Elsa and Anna arrive at Zootopia with magic)
Elsa: I don't care if humans didn't ever exist here. Let it go! (Shoots ice powers at the town)
Judy: Oh man. (Gets Nick)
Nick: What?
Judy: Someone insane and her sister froze the town!
Nick: Oh man, they'll be sorry!
(5 minutes later...)
Anna: Yes! (cheering) The land of Zootopia is frozen! People will like us better!
Judy: (Nick is beside her, glaring at them) What did you do?
Elsa: I froze the town.
Nick: Alright, that's it. Unfreeze it now.
Elsa: Fine. (Unfreezes the town)
Anna: This was a huge mistake! We're so sorry!
Judy: Apology unaccepted. You're coming with us!
(After arriving at the judge)
Judge: Here we have Elsa and Anna, guilty of freezing our beloved down. You will get 15 years in prison, and Elsa, your powers will get demolished once and for all. Thank you, Judy and Nick.
(In jail)
Bellwether: So you ended ...more

31 Drop them down a hole to Satan
32 Anna loses her mind

Anna haters: Anna entirely deserves that happened to her if she hadn't chose to wake up in the middle of night, none of this would've happened if she'd just get her butt back to bed.

I want answers how would Anna lose her mind now.

That already happend ( thanks to Elsa ) talking to the pictures on the wall - Ihateelsa

Don't you dare blame Elsa for the accident in their childhood. Elsa never ever even hurt her little sister Anna on purpose.

How would Anna lose her mind?

33 Elsa gets really bad gas and dies

That would be so sad and hilarious at the same time. - Ihateelsa

If Elsa continues to sing LET IT GO (A Fart song) then she is going to have much worse gas then that.

This is so funny.

Ha ha, but first she would be I need to finish my songs and stuff. Gas will not show mercy. Ha ha classic - Therandom

Let it goo Let it gobbledygook (farts so loud and dies)

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34 Elsa freezes all of her fans

If Elsa freezes all of her fans, she'll lose them for good.

In case you want to know, this list item is directed at Frozen fans, not "haters". By the way, you say Elsa is sweet and kind, yet YOU have the nerve to WISH she would murder "haters". Now that doesn't seem so sweet and kind, does it?

She will have some really UGLY collection of her Frozen Fangirl Ice Sculptures.

What about she freezes the haters

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35 Elsa is forced to make out with Justin Bieber


Imagine how funny it would be if Elsa married Justin Bieber and he would sing BABY song at their wedding. The song is so bad that it goes into your insides.

Everyone would get severe constipation.

Justin Bieber would spit on Elsa.

Actually he DID spit on his fans.


I don't know how to respond to that... - Thatgirl

Hey! Elsa will never meet Justin Bieber. In the canon movie Frozen, Elsa didn't have her own canon love interest. Elsa doesn't deserve to be forced to make out with Justin Bieber, you Elsa hating bullies.

Elsa and Justin Bieber are forced to marry by the people of Arendelle.


Elsa: Then why don't you marry him?


Justin: Baby Elsa. Ready to get married.

Elsa: Please don't sing. I get severe toilet troubles when you sing.

Justin Bieber: Ridiculous. This whole world revolves around my super cool songs. (Sings very badly) BABY BABY BABY OOHHH...

Elsa: No...stop...(Gets severe diarrhoea and craps all over wedding dress.) NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DONE.

Anna: (Craps all over snot dress)

Justin Bieber: NO CALL OF THE WEDDING. Elsa. Yuck. Ew. (Girly scream while people of Arendelle force them to kiss.)

Anna: Aah. I can't take it anymore. Justin Bieber must be MINE. (Snogs and makes out with Justin Bieber instead)

Elsa: Phew. I can go and take a bath and ...more

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36 Hans breaks Elsa's Ice Castle

Hans disguised as an elderly man: Hello Elsa, I need you to help me build houses ( DEMOLISHES CASTLE)

Won't it melt when the mountain heats up anyway? And she can always build another one. It would be funny it then it pissed off Marshmellow the giant ice snowman protector and it ate Hans.

After Frozen end credits, Elsa's Ice Castle is still standing so too bad.

I'm glad Elsa's Ice Palace is still standing instead of melting.

37 Elsa and Anna don't bring the Knights who say Ni a shrubbery so they die

Thankfully, Anna and Elsa didn't get killed off so too bad.

You don't know what ni means? Well neither do I. But the Knights who say Ni can kill someone by saying Ni repeatedly. And they don't have any powers like Elsa. Heck, they don't even get up and fight the enemy like Anna! So that makes them more powerful. And if you want to see them more, watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's 100% hilarious and better than Frozen, so you won't forget it! - MontyPython

38 Elsa plays Five Nights at Freddy's

I'm shocked at these Elsa fans. I haven't played the game before, and I know its some type of horror game, but I don't see how she can get hurt by this. If she loves horror stories, she can play this game if she wants to because its her choice. Elsa fans are sooo dumb.

You Anna haters, Elsa haters or Anna and Elsa haters always want bad things happen to Anna and Elsa, do you? You Anna and Elsa haters are evil.

Monty Python rules, Frozen drools. Go on, you can shoot me now. I dare you. - MontyPython

Elsa: that's to scary! Elsas mum: ok don't play it sweetheart. Elsa: thanks MUM! Elsas mum no problem.

39 Jack Frost freezes Elsa after he kisses her

You Elsa haters are a lot worse than Prince Hans, aren't you?

You know it never ever even happened in canon Frozen. I'm glad Elsa didn't get killed off. I'm especially glad Elsa was never ever even frozen. Nobody kisses Elsa in the canon movie Frozen.

Jack oh elsa beauty your so pretty less thanks jack jack np

40 They die

The only ones who died in the movie Frozen so far are Anna and Elsa's parents. Blame that stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck for not letting Elsa attending her own parents' funeral after they were killed in a shipwreck leaving Anna and Elsa orphaned. Can you believe those stupid film writers of Frozen instead made Elsa miss her own parents' funeral so Anna had to go to their parents' funeral without her big sister Elsa thanks to those stupid film writers, stupid directors and filmmakers especially thanks to that stupid Jennifer Lee.

Thankfully, Neither Anna nor Elsa got killed off so too bad Anna and Elsa haters. Same goes for Anna haters and Elsa haters too.

This is only at 27?

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