Things That Should Happen to Gart Default from Robot and Monster

The Top Ten

1 He gets eaten by venomous sharks
2 Gets strapped to a timebomb that is covered in acid
3 Mr. Krabs tears his heart out
4 Robot and monster beat him up

Good list, but I think Arpa is far worse. - RalphBob

5 He shuts off (Dies)
6 Bender bends him
7 He gets arrested
8 Ralph pastes him to the floor

Ralph from The Simpsons?

9 He goes to the scrapyard
10 He jumps into a vat of toxic waste

The Contenders

11 He gets fired
12 He explodes

He already did in that Family Business episode

13 Someone pelts him with rocks
14 Amy rose hits him with a piko piko hammer
15 Tell polo players to kill him
16 Swiper swipes him
17 He falls into a tar pit
18 He falls into acid
19 He sinks into a volcano
20 He gets whipped
21 He breaths in cyanide
22 Force him to watch "Ren Seeks Help"
23 He listens to Justin Bieber
24 He gets beaten up by crikey
25 Burn him
26 The X's beat him up
27 He gets a slap on the wrist.
28 Push Him Off a Cliff
29 Make Him Watch NotSmirks and uolliaC
30 Throw Him Out of the Window
31 Rip his Heart out and Kick him Into a Volcano
32 Kill Him With a Long, Very Sharp Knife
33 Poison Him
34 Make Him a Slave
35 Set Him On Fire
36 Beat Him Up Very Badly
37 Force Him to Play Bubsy 3D
38 Rip his Eyes Out
39 Slice His Head Off With a Sword
40 A group of titans from Attack on Titan surround and kill him
41 Rip out his heart and stuff it in a blender
42 Run over him with a 1,000,000,000 pound bulldozer
43 He gets torn to shreds by wolves and foxes
44 Make him listen to Justin Bieber
45 Force him to watch frozen 900 times
46 Get homura akemi to destroy him, literally until he is in pieces
47 Force Him to Play Dark Souls
48 Get Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len to Get Guns and Shoot Him
49 Send Him Into Barney & Friends
50 Make Light Yagami Write His Name in the Death Note
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