Top 10 Things that Should Happen in Generation 8 of Pokemon

Let's hope gen does some of these things Feel free to add.

The Top Ten Things that Should Happen in Generation 8 of Pokemon

Some pandering for other gens

Region like johto needs it.

At least 100 new Pokemon

Recent gens feel lacking

The main villain isn't a rehash of a older one

If you played gen 4 and gen 6 you know what I mean. Same goes to gen 7's villain who is kinda a rehash of gen 5's villain.

More mega evolutions

Why did they drop them?

Don't reveal everything before release

Gen 8 reveal cycle should never be like gen 7.

No hacking in competitive

This one is a long shot but lets be hopeful about this one.

Battle revolution type graphics

That game was beautiful.

No waifu pandering

Pokemon is a kids game. This is a bad influence.

Drop z moves

They were pointless.

New type

Like Time, Reality, and Space. - PandaMan

The Contenders

A proper difficulty system

B2W2 was in the right direction other than the fact you can unlock it post game and need the other game to get the other setting.

Aegislash line being catchable in the new region

Just look at the titles of the new games.

Kalos Post Game

Kalos is really incomplete and a trip back to the region would fix that.

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