Things That Should Happen to Happy Bunny

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1 Tape his mouth shut

Then he can't say things like Hi loser.

2 Make Cuddles tell him that he must stop talking or Flippy will kill him

Happy tree friends rules! Happy bunny drools!

3 Tell Clarence to stick a knife in Happy Bunnie's head

That will be the funniest thing to watch.

4 Make a video where Happy Bunny pees his pants

It should be called Happy bunny pees his pants and gets grounded.

5 Poison him

That would be Me-mow.

6 Make Peppa Pig tell the internet that Happy Bunny is mean
7 He dies
8 Make Elsa use her ice power to kill him

Elsa: let it go! Let it go! I am off to kill Happy Bunny!

9 Uncle grandpa uses the RV to run over Happy Bunny
10 Give him to the Toca band gang

Now they can sing until his ears bleed.

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11 SpongeBob sticks a hot krabby patty in Happy Bunny's ear

I bet SpongeBob will be proud to do this.

12 Make him scream so loud that his head will explode
13 He and his rabbit friends fall into a volcano
14 He poops his pants

That would be awesome, NO MORE HAPPY BUNNY

15 Put him in Happy Tree Friends

Yes! Instead of Cuddles falling down the well, Happy bunny should and DIE!

Yes! Instead of Cuddles flying into space, Happy bunny should and DIE!

16 Eaten by a Dinosaur
17 Eaten by Pac-Man
18 Needle slaps Happy Bunny really hard on the cheek
19 He rolls in a very strong chemical that burns off hair/fur
20 Tell Mickey Mouse and Goofy to get TNT to kill Happy Bunny
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