Top 10 Things That Should Happen If Undertale Gets an Animated Series


The Top Ten

1 The Super Bone Bros. Super Show!
2 An episode where Papyrus meets Skeletor
3 Alphys being portrayed as basically a dorky, genderbent version of Ren Hoek

The fanfic Alphys Hoek also did this in a much more literal sense, and MY GOD is it fantastic. - xandermartin98

4 An episode about how Burgerpants earned his nickname
5 An episode about how Alphys created the Amalgamates
6 The Dreemurrs (The Simpsons)
7 A Valentine's Day parody episode starring Alphys and Undyne
8 A side story arc about the characters' childhoods
9 Papyrus with the voice of Skeletor
10 An episode where Alphys meets Francis from Super Paper Mario

I knew I wasn't the only one who thought of this... - Garythesnail

The Contenders

11 An episode where Sans and Snowdrake have a bad-pun-making contest with each other
12 Metal Soul Solid
13 An episode where Frisk meets the Brock family
14 An Underswap story arc
15 A side story arc about the origins of Gaster
16 A Halloween episode starring Gaster
17 An episode where Papyrus time-travels into the future and enters the F-Zero racing tournament
18 Sans & Papyrus VS Mario & Luigi
19 Alphys' Modern Life
20 Cooking With Undyne
21 Dancing With The Stars...And Mettaton
22 Bayometta
23 An episode where the game crosses over with Earthbound
24 An episode where the game crosses over with Cave Story
25 Skel, Skell and Skelly (Ed, Edd and Eddy)
26 Gardening With Asgore
27 An entire episode devoted simply to the game's many, many dogs
28 Dragon Soul Z
29 A scene in which Alphys holds Undyne's unconscious body in her arms and yells "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!"
30 An episode where Alphys enters the world of anime
31 Animetale
32 Sans and Papyrus singing Spooky Scary Skeletons
33 Mettaton's Bizarre Adventure
34 Sans with the voice of JonTron
35 Burgerpants with the voice of Weird Al Yankovic
36 Mighty Morphin' Flower Rangers
37 Frisk: The Last Determination-bender
38 A scene in which Undyne is forced to put a shrunken-down Alphys into her mouth in front of a live audience while the inside of her mouth is also filmed through an internal camera for vore-related purposes
39 A cameo where Danny DeVito appears on the show and calls the audience "Undertale TREEEASH"
40 A scene where Chara falcon-punches Sans like how Captain Falcon did to Black Shadow in the finale of F-Zero: GP Legend
41 An episode where all of the characters turn into dog versions of themselves
42 An episode where Alphys takes care of the Amalgamates like household pets
43 A brief story arc where Temmie forms a massive Tem Army and threatens to take over the world
44 A Star Wars parody arc
45 Alphyoshi
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