Top Ten Things That Should Happen To Johnny Test

The Top Ten Things That Should Happen To Johnny Test

1 The show is cancelled

Apparently this already happened. - Gehenna

Thank goodness for that!

2 Put tape on his mouth
3 Paw patrol kills him

Ryder would shoot him and run him over wish his motor cycle

Yeah skye will drop Johnny test in a volcano

Paw patrol will kill his bratty sisters

I love paw patrol and hate Johnny test

4 Elsa freezes Johnny Test
5 Spongebob kills Johnny Test
6 He's struck blind and deaf
7 Make him scream so loud

He screams loud quite often and sounds annoying.

8 He explodes
9 He Poops his Pants

That would be so Funny if he did!

Or he could fart - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

10 Finn, Mordecai and Gumball cook Johnny Test for dinner

The Contenders

11 Goes into a coma for a century
12 Light writes his name on the Death Note
13 Slenderman kills him
14 He gets ORA ORA ORA-ed to death by Jotaro Kujo
15 Yoshikage Kira uses bites the dust on Johnny
16 Yumi Yoshimura bashes his head open with her guitar
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