Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Justin Bieber

Justin in trouble again? Oh deary me. What does this little twank deserve? I think we all know he's going to bribe the courts and get let off though (sadly).

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21 Gets his head smashed by the almighty Cthulu

Inside reference to south park fans. But in all seriousness I hate him with a passion.

No what about he dies by Jason and leatherface on mortal kombat?

I guess that scene in South Park would get a lot of Bieber haters to read H.P. Lovecraft more often.

22 Gets Beaten Up by Vic Dibitetto

If you really despise Justin Bieber, I highly, HIGHLY recommend to check out his three rants on Justin Bieber. They really are worth your time. Trust me.

I love Shark Tale, event hough this has nothing to do with Justin Bieber.

23 Selena kills him

It would be awesome! I don't think the cops, lawyers and judges are beliebers, so she wouldn't go to prison either.

Selena:Take this you cheater! (kills him with a shotgun) - MLPFan

But she would get sent to prison.

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24 Convert and become a Catholic priest
25 Gets killed by a jaguar

Let the jaguar scratch him and eat him to death! - CerealGuy

Do you mean gets attacked by a jaguar cat or gets hit by a Jaguar vehicle? I guess both would be awesome.

Jaguars sing better than him

Oh! My imagery character Spot The Jaguar could do that!

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26 Gets a death sentence

This will be the best idea for Bieber because he can't sing or behave. So you might as well.

Yep, not because you are a terrible singer, but because you are a horrible person

Well that what will happen if you continue to BIE yourself! You CAN'T sing, you CAN'T behave and you CAN'T have the right to LIVE!

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27 He gets forced to play the Scary Maze Game
28 Get Ebola

No not Ebola, That disease takes place in Africa. If he had Ebola he would spread the disease then everyone would die. Ebola isn't funny at all.

Ebola is not funny but Justin Bieber sucks and he deserves the flu.

This isn't funny at all

This is not funny. I hate Justin Bieber, though.

29 He gets strangled by Goku

Goku should go super saiyan when he does this

He'd go legendary super saiyan God super saiyan rose 4.

I think he should go Super Saiyan god 2

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30 Linkin Park murders him

This is how it should happen
justin: where are we?
chester: SHUT UP!
(justin cries)
green day turn up
billie: act your damn age you bitch
green day and linkin park grab a grenade and runs for their life
justin: NO NO BABY NO!
(billie screams ha ha your dead)
linkin park are now in jail for 1 day
green day have a party for killing justin beiber

31 Turns into a beaver

It would perfectly explain his last name - MorgianaMagi

That would explain his last name changing to Beaver one day.

32 He becomes best friends with stampylonghead

I like stampylonghead. He is way better than Justin Bieber! THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!

Josif garret is Stampys name god that would be good maybe they'll have gay marrege because josif garret is gay

33 Put him on The Angry Beavers

I like Angry Beavers. This is dumb.

Dude, that's irony - Fandom_Lover

Amazing irony...

34 He saves rock
35 Let him live
36 He should be made Mark Henry's sitting chair
37 Suddenly not selling music anymore

That would be great! - BubbleBear01

Of course it would be great!

38 He gets shot

Nah... That would be way to quick! If you really despise him and wanna kill him... Well, the guy deserves some serious torture before death!

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39 Gets corrupted by The One Ring of Sauron

I do not think this could happen do to him being already corrupted by himself. - Skullkid755

40 Get beaten by Ray Rice
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