Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Justin Bieber

Justin in trouble again? Oh deary me. What does this little twank deserve? I think we all know he's going to bribe the courts and get let off though (sadly).

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41 Get stranded at the North Pole

Then he'll freeze to death.

42 Get stranded in Death Valley


43 Does porn with Kim Kardashian

So that all the other Beliebers would start jacking off to him and Kim's fat booty.

That's true horror. Poor both of them

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44 He wins a Grammy

That's horrible, should never happen

One sentence: Gets taken by Thanos and never comes back. - Anonymousxcxc

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45 He doesn't get on another list in the top tens

This sounds good. - WonkeyDude98


46 Cry in embarrassment

Oh yea

47 Stolen identity
48 Gets Beaten up by James Hetfield
49 Having all his money burnt

Or just give it all away to people instead of burning it.

50 He gets deported to Mexico

No way once again he HAS to be taken by Thanos. - Anonymousxcxc

Then people at Mexico will get annoyed.

51 He learns the true meaning of real music

Justin Bieber, when you break out of jail, you better listen to Linkin Park and know ALL the lyrics and get them all right on yo' first try!

He can not sing a Linkin Park song, his throat will erupt into fire, because demons cannot be in contact with someone pure, they will burn up

52 He suffers, listening to Erwin's Fortress level music
53 Linkin Park ends Justin Bieber once and for all

With another album that would kick ass and break them into the mainstream again, they would rule and break the hell out of the "music artist's" backs!

The idea is awesome! If it's for true, then I'm buying the best camera, dude

54 Amy Rose hits him aggressively with her Piko Piko Hammer

What kind of name is Piko Piko Hammer?

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55 Get a bucket of maggots and dump it on him
56 He goes to hell

Yes he should

57 Force him to watch Tentacolino

Don't Google Tentacolino. I'm warning you right now. Seriously.

I don't get why you shouldn't Google it. It looks kid-friendly.

58 He suffers cholera
59 He suffers Marfan Syndrome
60 He Gets Beaten Up by Vic Dibitetto

To anyone who can't stand Bieber, I HIGHLY recommend you show people the three rants Vic Dibitetto made on Bieber. They really are worth your time. Trust me.

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