Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Justin Bieber


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81 Mike Tyson Knocks Him Out
82 Get his crotch ripped off by Anne Frank

The idea is creepy, but the kid seriously needs rehab..

This is just nasty.

83 Gets his tongue ripped out

See if he's singing then

84 G. Hannelius punches him
85 Kouha Ren beats him with Lelazzo Madraga
86 Morgiana gets rid of him with her physical strength
87 Gets flushed down the toilet V 1 Comment
88 Pets a grizzly bear
89 He becomes a Muslim V 1 Comment
90 He kills a brony
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1. Lose his fame
2. He explodes randomly
3. He visits North Korea
1. He dies
2. Gets put in boot camp
3. Start being a good example
1. He explodes randomly
2. A prison sentence
3. He gets abducted by aliens

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