Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Luigi


The Top Ten

1 He Jumps In Lava And Dies

Guys, he didn’t do anything wrong! - iiTheLegend1738

Luigi isn't a bad character you guys. He's actually a great character! Just because Danteem obsessed over him doesn't mean he should die and get hated on. - MontyPython

You should animate all of these items, put them in a montage, and force Danteem to watch them! - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

CerealGuy make an Animed Princess Peach Porn.

2 His Haters Stomp On Him
3 He Gets Ebola
4 He Loses His Power And Gets Killed By Bowser
5 He Shoots Himself With A Gun
6 Mario Betrays Him

No, for you see, Luigi is the one true Mario brother. We are not worthy! - Garythesnail

7 He Gets Sent Into Five Nights At Freddy's And Freddy Fazbear Scares Him

That would be weird

8 Nintendo No Longer Puts Him In Mario Games

Sorry, but Luigi isn't going away any time soon, considering the fact that he's one of the main characters.

9 He Commits Suicide
10 He Dates Dora

What was that? If Mario crossovers Dora... Then things will be triple as worst.

The Newcomers

? His death stare gets buffed
? He kills Sonic for Mario

The Contenders

11 Rosalina Kills Him
12 Bowser And Dr. Eggman Team Up And Kill Him
13 He Loses His Death Stare

I respect your opinion on Luigi - Jake09

14 He Stays in the Mario Games

Wait, why is everyone casting sh- on him? What did he do wrong? Mario already betrays him but he is so op he stops it. - iiTheLegend1738

15 Thanos Disintegrates Him

Why does every list revolving about things that happen to (insert character here) has Thanos disintegrating them?

"Thanos is god"

Thanos is also Shrek.

Thanos is god

16 Tails the Fox Beats Him Up
17 He Becomes a Zombie
18 The Ghosts Kill Him
19 He Goes In the Dragon Ball Z World

Luigi would definitely beat goku

20 He Becomes a Ninja
21 He Gets Another Luigi's Mansion Game
22 He Becomes God
23 He Gets His Own Next Generation Game

Luigi's Mansion was awesome, Luigi is so underrated and deserves more than Super Luigi Bro's U. - Erikelelf

24 Mario and Nintendo get sick of him
25 He Goes In the Hunger Games
26 Cell Sucks Him Up His Tail
27 He Lives With Johnny Test
28 Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems Beat Him Up.
29 He Gets Super Powers and Destroys Every Marvel Villain

Luigi number 1. He can beat any villain marvel creates.

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