Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Music In 2016


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1 Nicki Minaj Has No More Fame

It think that's better than have her die at age 27.

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2 Iggy Azalea Gets No Fame

Iggy officially is the artist to have her fame dwindled the quickest. No one has cared about her since 2014. - WonkeyDude98

This has already happened, her entire 2016 concert schedule was canceled.

She's the white nick minaj, so I' m sorry to say this, but we will probably here more music from her. UGH!

Lol she's basically already gone because nobody cares about iggy

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3 Justin Bieber Never Makes Music Again

He used to be annoying, now his music is so boring, he needs to retire.

I think next year, Justin will not make music because he goes to his stupid,fake,ridiculous and shameful tour and girls who love him also waste their money and time if they go there. - BeaM456

4 People Become Less Stereotypical About Metal

It really has to happen but I think it'll never happen...except you live in Taiwan where
the vocalist of CHTHONIC may be president soon. - CannibalCorpse

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5 People Make Good Pop/Rap Music

Rap used to be so innocent and fun you know?
It was just like: I was walkin down the street in brand new hat and I saw a cat! How about that?

Now it's like: I @$# THE @#/&/,8# UP THE @! /$#! - Cheese567

The answer for this is rock/rap where rock bands rap. - AnonymousChick

6 Meghan Trainor Stops Hating On Men and Skinny Girls

If she hate skinny girls,she must hate her fans that skinny too - BeaM456

I think you guys may have

Misinterpreted that song entirely. - Cheese567

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7 Justin Bieber Retires V 2 Comments
8 Nicki Minaj Stops Singing About Butts

Nicki minaj should make more songs like save me and grand piano which have meaning unlike that music she mostly makes.

9 Miley Cyrus Turns Back to Her Old Ways

Miley, Its not to late hurry and change back to your old self before u become a compete train wreck like amanda bynes - LJJ207

I agree, she should come back to sweet Miley we used to know - Fandom_Lover

I don't like her old/new music
but I have to say one thing:"PLEASE,BE NORMAL AGAIN! " - CannibalCorpse

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10 Franz Ferdinand Makes Another Album. V 1 Comment

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11 Rock And Roll Comes Back

Everybody on this list talking' 'bout pop stars to retire but instead they should start supporting Rock and Roll because when this will come back everything's gonna fade away. Best way to improve today's music industry is to support emerging Rock and roll bands and stop listening and watching videos of today's artists on YouTube. Let's get another Led Zeppelin or Nirvana or Beatles back in the industry. May God bless Rock and Roll. - Neeoo

Yeah this needs to happen so people can finally respect all music old and new

This. Needs. To. Happen. Right. Now.

If this happens, I can appreciate mainstream music again. - LostDream258

12 All the members from One Direction leave

I heard they're gonna break up in 2016. YES! One Direction sucks I'm glad they're done making terrible music

13 One Direction and Their Fans Go Away

One Direction said they're going to split up for a while and then come back, a few years ago NSYNC said the same thing, but NSYNC never came back. Hopefully it will be the same with One Direction. Please can't they just go away

14 Lil Wayne Retires

He said he was going to retire 3 years ago, can he please retire for real this time. PLEASE!

Well, he claims that he'll retire by the age of 35. - Mumbizz01

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15 Ke$ha Retires

I hate Kesha. I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift and Sam Smith, but at least they don't have songs that spread horrible messages. All Kesha talks about is partying, drugs and sex.

I would be so happy if this happens. Please don't thumb down my comment.

I wouldn't be surprised since nobody likes Kesha anymore.

Good. Let this happen please.

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16 Silento never makes a song again

Watch Me is probably the worst song I've ever heard, HE SHOULD NEVER MAKE ANOTHER SONG EVER!

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17 Starset Becomes More Popular
18 Everyone Starts Listening to Metal

Grunge killed hair metal. And now there's Justin Bieber...

That would be awesome if music with balls became mainstream.

I doubt this will happen. It's impossible. - Mumbizz01

I'd die if that happened. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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19 Owl City Becomes Popular

Adam is the best artist ever! - Juliajay

20 Iggy Azalea Dies/Retires

If she stops making music the music industry will be saved

Either way I think this will improve the music industry

Ok,I would be so happy if she retired, but die? No, that's going way to far

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1. Justin Bieber retires
2. Nicki Minaj stops singing about butts
3. Meghan Trainor Stops Hating On Men and Skinny Girls
1. Nicki Minaj Has No More Fame
2. Franz Ferdinand Makes Another Album.
3. All the members from One Direction leave
1. Soulja Boy stops trying to be relevant
2. Silento never makes a song again
3. Rock And Roll Comes Back

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