Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Music In 2016


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21 Electronic/Dance music gets popular
22 Soulja Boy stops trying to be relevant

I'm dead serious, he's still making music

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23 Taylor Swift stops singing about her exes and boyfriends

If you a wrote a song about something else I might actually listen to it

Yes. I completely agree. She should go back to country too. - Fandom_Lover

Her song "Mean" is about a teacher.

Dumb ass slut can never get married

24 Ariana Grande Retires V 1 Comment
25 Omi never makes a song again

I hate Cheerleader with a passion I hope he quits making music forever

26 The good, amazing old songs from 2007-2011 get popular again

2005 was awesome too, I'm currently listening to the Killers. PLAY MORE Coldplay! - Merilille

2006 was literally THE YEAR for most rock music. - AnonymousChick

27 Alternative takes over V 1 Comment
28 Linkin Park Releases an Album V 1 Comment
29 Kesha Returns With Awesome Music

I wish kesha can come back, she is the best. She doesn't make real music, though her music makes me happy and is fun to listen to. I listen to her music for fun not for the quality of talent. Boring music like Taylor Swift music should go away and bring more fun music.

If she ends up making a comeback. I hope she succeeds and get a #1 hit song again.

Maybe it' a random Kesha fan who keeps thumbing up the positive comments about her. Seriously. Nobody likes Kesha so who would vote for her?

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30 Taylor Swift Retires

I would throw a party and be so happy if this happened.

This would be a dream, because I can't stand her.

31 Fetty Wap Retires

What do you people like about this guy? He's a talentless hack, hopefully he'll be gone by next year

He sounds like he is crying, who would listen to that?

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32 Kesha Returns and Iggy Azalea Retires

Please can Kesha return so we won't have to listen to Iggy Azalea. Kesha is much more talented than Iggy

Kesha is cool and smart and Iggy is a fake poser

Considering the state of music in 2015, I do want Kesha back and Iggy gone

They both suck. - ThePwoperMuser101

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33 Justin Bieber Dies
34 All the worst singers in the world combined die and Michael Jackson comes back to life

Lol this item is so funny I like Michael Jackson but it is impossible that he will come back to life just to make music - lovingicecreams

Ah crap! Well kids, time to move out of Neverland Ranch - SirSkeletorThe3rd

35 Music With Guts Gets Played More Often
36 More Bands Form

I want more new and awesome bands! I think Halestorm and Amaranthe are the newest of my favorite bands!

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37 Eminem Makes Real Hardcore Rap In A Slim Shady Way Again!

I think Eminem should make another album in 2016 because his last album was 2013 ( Marshall Mathers LP2 ) he's made 9 songs that were in ShadyXV and Southpaw. So he should put those songs together in his next album

38 Country becomes more popular

Would have a better chance of becoming more popular if it didn't all sound alike...

What? All they sing about is tractors and hot girls in cowboy boots. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

39 Kesha and Gwen Stefani Collaborate

Sorry I put this two times on the list. I didn't saw it on the list the first time, so I put it again.

40 Ghost Gets More Popular
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