Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Music In 2016


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41 Tove Lo Retires

I feel like there's too much pop hate on this website. Sure, I don't like pop, but you have to admit the hate it gets on here is way out of proportion. Knowing this website, this item was probably added when "Habits" came out. If it was added then, it's a little hard to judge an artist's talent after only one hit single. - Turkeyasylum

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42 Marilyn Manson Makes a Comeback
43 Demi Lovato Retires

Good Lord her songs are annoying

44 Cher Lloyd Retires

Please go away

45 Britney Spears and Madonna stop trying to stay relevant

Neither of you are young or sexually appealing anymore, stop trying to act like teenagers.

46 Lorde Makes More Songs
47 Metal Music Ends

Yes (I mean no I just want to see how many dislike this comment gets) - lovingicecreams

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48 Lady Gaga Makes More Music
49 Lady Gaga Retires

I don't think she is bad at all. She has overrated songs, but she has gotten better after a while, even if she hasn't released anything good or bad recently.

Also, she is not a Cyndi Lauper or Dale Bozzio knockoff. They just shared something in common with her; Eccentric fashion. - Swellow

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50 Pop becomes less mainstream.
51 Shawn Mendes retires
52 Adele retires
53 Carly Rae Jepsen retires
54 Rae Sremmurd gets an award
55 Bryson Tiller gets an award
56 Post Malone gets an award
57 Eminem returns to making good rap again

In the 2014-15 era, he was...kinda mediocre and anonymous. Don't get me wrong, I LIKED it, but that's it. It's kind of underwhelming after he blew my mind in 2013. - WonkeyDude98

Damn his recent stuff in 2015 sucked. I hope he returns to making the good rap he used to make. - SelfDestruct

58 Rae Sremmurd retires
59 Rock music becomes more popular
60 Avril Lavigne becomes more popular
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