Top Ten Things that Should Happen on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

The Top Ten

1 Cancel the series

The mlp fanbase sucks

2 Have Justin Bieber visit Ponyville

Justin Bieber: Hey Twilight!

Twilight: Hi Justin!

Justin Bieber: Baby baby baby oh!

Twilight:Ugh! - andrewteel

And Justin Bieber can annoy the ponies with his terrible music

3 Have all the villains team up and destroy each pony

Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, and the return of Grogar, along with an unreformed Discord and Starlight Glimmer all come up and attack ponyville together.

4 Have every single brony or pegasister lose interest in the show

We do not need the annoying bronies in this world

5 Make an episode where the mane six pee on eachother
6 Have 10 Seasons

I want there to be a 9th and 10th season. - andrewteel

DarkenedBrutallity should respect other people's opinions

7 Have Trixie Lulamoon reclaim the alicorn amulet, and use it to take over all of equestria

At least BobbyTheBrony wouldn't be mad about this.

8 Have Princess Celestia turn evil
9 Banish muffins from all of equestria

And then Derpy can get angry, and start shooting lasers out of her eyes destroying each pony.

10 Pinkie Pie Goes to Hell

Godzilla: Hey, Pinkie!
Pinkie: What
Godzilla: 'Throws her to the moon'
Pinkie: 'dies'

She is the worrsssttt

The Contenders

11 Have Grogar return, and defeat the ponies
12 Have Princess Celestia banished to the sun
13 Make Thorax and Ember a couple
14 Thanos disintegrates everyone
15 Rainbow Dash dies

YES! No more rainbow dash! -AnimeGirl

16 Make Pinkie Pie Watch the Cupcakes Video

It would be so inaproppriate, she'd die

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