Top Ten Things that Should Happen in the Next Warriors Book

In this list, you must add what should happen in the next warriors book. Keep it appropriate.

The Top Ten

1 Bring Hollyleaf Back with a Power

I think Hollyleaf should be brough back to life. She is all loyal to the warrior code, and had a hard life because her mother was breaking it and putting her under lots of pressure. She should have more respect and live another peaceful life, rather than just dying. - DewSpectrum11

2 Kill Breezepelt

Breezepelt is just an annoying butt that gets on everyone’s nerves. It would help if he dies. Everyone would be happy then, unless you like Breezepelt. - DewSpectrum11

3 Make Brightheart Get an Apprentice

The only apprentice Brightheart ever had was Jayfeather, and for a very short time. All the other warriors had chances to fully mentor at least one apprentice! Firestar, Bramblestar, stop judging her by her looks! - DewSpectrum11

4 Make Starclan Give Jayfeather Sight
5 Make Alderheart Discover a New Type of Herb
6 Add New Suffixes
7 Add New Prefixes

In my own warriors, I added the prefix ‘Lush’ for one of my warriors, Lushspirit. - DewSpectrum11

8 Make a New Clan

Something like TunnelClan who live underground in tunnels, like the ones between ThunderClan and WindClan. - DewSpectrum11

9 Make Hollyleaf Have Kits with a Warrior from Thunderclan

I’d call them Lushkit (Black she-cat), Swifkit (Black-and-white tom) and Featherkit (White she-cat with black stripes) - DewSpectrum11

10 Add a New Rule to the Code Add a New Rule to the Code

The Contenders

11 Bring a Donald Trump Warrior Cat in to Start Yelling "Bring Tigerstar Back!"

This needs to happen. - 445956

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