Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Nina On Nina Needs to Go!

The Top Ten

1 She pees her pants

Nina Needs To Go is worse than Sofia The First, Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Paw Patrol, Caillou, and Shake It Up combined

2 She has chronic diarrhea
3 Her grandma beats her up
4 She pees in a mop bucket
5 Forced to watch Teletubbies
6 Nina is challenged to fight Sanjay and Craig
7 Babysat by Sarah (Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
8 A cow craps on her
9 She listens to Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is a good band!

10 Forced to watch 12 oz. Mouse

The Contenders

11 Cancel the show
12 Elmo shoots her with a shotgun
13 She falls into a tar pit
14 She explodes randomly
15 She falls into acid
16 She sinks into a volcano

And slowly gets buried in the lava

17 She gets whipped
18 Someone pelts her with rocks
19 She breathes in cyanide
20 Elsa (Frozen) freezes her
21 Hatsune Miku Beats Her Up
22 Justin Bieber Sings To Her
23 She Becomes a Barney & Friends Character
24 She gets her hair shaved off
25 She gets hit by a wrecking ball

Nina is a spoiled brat that constantly needs to relive her crap. One episode:

Nina and nana are at restaurant.
Nana: Nina do you need to
go to the bathroom.
Nina: No.
Nina sees water.
Nina: Nana I need to go!
Nana: Since their is no bathroom in the restaurant we can use the one across the street.
Nina and nana go outside.
Nana: Sorry Nina. The bathroom is blocked by a wrecking ball doing construction. You should of told me you needed to go before they did construction.
Nina: But I need to go! Wahh!
Nana: Ok you can go by yourself then. You are potty trained.
Nina crosses the road and gets hit by wrecking ball.
Nana: I'm glad that brat is gone.

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