Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Paw Patrol

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1 Cancel the Show

It's better than Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinner, Sofia the First, Teletubbies, Dora, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umizoomi. The show's cute. Shouldn't be cancelled. - Mariomaster63

That would be a dream!

Please I'm begging you, Nickelodeon, to do it.

Paw Patrol isn't a bad show. Well for me it isn't. Please don't hate me. - wanda

Please, please it is much more than any mother could stand.

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2 Do not make them say "Paw Patrol is on a roll" anymore

You're kind of right, it would be a bit less annoying and they could get rescues done better and faster. Jared

Ryder: We Did It, Pups!
Me: NO YOU DID NOT! *shoots*

3 Tell Rarity to stick a knife through their heads

Pretty violent but YEAH!

Rarity isn't THIS evil.

Or you can tell her to steal their skins and use them as fabric to look prettier. She's my favorite MLP character ever.

Why would the mlp cjaracters do that Paw Patrol is amazing. I believe they would all get along - Shaneb22

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4 Rainbow Dash beats them up

Yep. Then you wake up, realize it was all a dream, then rainbow dash beats you up.

Stop talking about My Little Pony.

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5 PAW Patrol being 100th place in "Greatest Nick Jr Shows"

It doesn't belong to be in 100th place it belongs to be in 1000th place - PatrickStar

Nice wit, but it should be somewhere in the 'top ten'. HA HA, get it? were in the 'Top tens' website.

100th is not good enough it should in billionth place

Nah, I've seen a lot worse

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6 Ryder poops his pants

Lol. That sounds funny, but very stupid.

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7 Someone gives Ryder a wedgie

That's called a sexual assault. Anyone who would do that would meet the wrong end of my handgun. Jared

Not a wedgie give him a SUPER WEDGIE

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8 Do not make them sing

Yes! Please do not sing, Stupid PAW Patrol! Or should I say... CRAP Patrol!

I love the friendship day song - Shaneb22

Their songs are horrible. - cosmo

This show sucks

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9 Sky screams so loud she explodes

Stop spelling Skye wrong! And you should do this to the tomato-headed brat Chase!

The worst thing on the list; why not u scream so loud u explode?

Why the hell? SKYE rules!

That is the worst thing ever your making me upset Skye rules and whoever put this on the list poopes his pants and wers dipers

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10 Pinkie Pie blasts them with her Party Cannon

Wow you are talking about a load of my little pony characters

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11 Celestia banishes Katie to another world

I new there would be more my little pony characters

It'll be a DREAM! Just have Celestia fall from the sky and uses her magic to kill Katie and send her in a very dirty and rotten place where no one will EVER find her! HahaaahahHahHah!

12 Make an episode where Alex Pees his Pants

When this happens make sure that his grandfather spanks him and he paw patrol throws him into the water AND that he drowns and dies. the end

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13 Replace this with Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues is probably as good as PAW patrol, but PAW patrol DOES NOT drool. Would be nice to see Blue's Clues on air again though. Jared

I totally disagree with the person who said PAW Patrol drools. It RULES as much as Blue's Clues.

My little brother used to watch this until THIS came into existence. Now he keeps watching it.

Blue's clues does rule, but Paw patrol doesn't drool.

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14 Mickey Mouse Kills Ryder

Mickey Mouse makes him go to Disney World, puts him on Expedition EVEREST (awesome joke) and falls off. Only posted this for the pun - Mariomaster63

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15 Chase gets killed by a Nucleus Dragon

That would be the end of that rotten tomato-headed brat. They would replace him for Stuart (a pup from my dreams). Though he is not a police pup, He can help in all conditions. (The Nucleus Dragon wanted to join Paw Patrol but all she really wanted was to kill Chase and replace with Stuart)

I hate Chase so he deserves this. Who will be the spy then?

Wow... Chase will die? That is so off the best thingz list. I wish I would blow him up more like...

Chase, think TWICE about fighting a poisonous dragon. :P

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16 The CLAW Patrol kills them

Go CLAW Patrol, the awesome team of Dragons, lead by a girl called Rose! (Yes they are dragons so PAW Patrol are cinders )

Claw patrol? - Officialpen

Sparkle: Kills Skye

Crystal: Kills Rocky

Dara: Kills Rubble

Spiko: Kills Zuma

Skittle: Kills Marshall

Dinimo: Kills Chase (despite his tiny size)

Rose: Kills Ryder

Flaria: Kills Everest

Pip: Kills Tracker

And then the CLAW Patrol rule Adventure Bay

17 They die

Great idea then this abomination of a show won't be on anymore

Shut up.

The guy who screamed is bitch


18 They win for worst cartoons/ripoff on Razzie Awards

If you want to know what paw patrol is a rip-off of then it's a rip-off of blues clues

Dora is more likely to win, she's not a ripoff, but she deserves it

19 Everyone dies except Rocky

Everyone dies except no one

I come and I see this. I grab an eraser and rub it out, then get a pencil and write Skye' instead. So it'll say 'Everyone dies except Skye'. That's much better!

Exactly. Rocky deserves a better show.

I would keep em all safe. They can stay with me I love them - Shaneb22

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20 They fall in a volcano

They could've done that in the Air Pups episode

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1. Cancel the Show
2. Tell Rarity to stick a knife through their heads
3. Do not make them say "Paw Patrol is on a roll" anymore
1. Ryder poops his pants
2. Someone gives Ryder a wedgie
3. Sky screams so loud she explodes



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