Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Paw Patrol

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1 Cancel the Show

It's better than Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinner, Sofia the First, Teletubbies, Dora, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umizoomi. The show's cute. Shouldn't be cancelled. - Mariomaster63

I don't like the show but you do have to consider that lots of children around the world love this show and they'll be saddened if the show was canceled, even though they could just watch reruns. - Kwaysar

That would be a dream!

Please I'm begging you, Nickelodeon, to do it.

Nope. - NineinDog

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2 Do not make them say "Paw Patrol is on a roll" anymore

Well I kind of agree, but if children (the intended audience) like it, then it should just be said sparingly as it can get annoying really quick. - Kwaysar

You're kind of right, it would be a bit less annoying and they could get rescues done better and faster. Jared

Me: Heh noice...

Ryder: We Did It, Pups!
Me: NO YOU DID NOT! *shoots*

3 Pinkie Pie blasts them with her Party Cannon

Wow you are talking about a load of my little pony characters

Pinkie: hey Ryder!
Ryder: oooh what's that? Is that a cannon?
Pinkie: yep. by the way there is millions of candy in it! Ya know what else?
Ryder: *sticks head in* yeah?
Pinkie: *shoots* a new haircut!

4 Tell Rarity to stick a knife through their heads

Pretty violent but YEAH!

My Little Pony is too sweet. Little ponies wouldn't attack dogs.

Rarity isn't THIS evil.

Why would the mlp cjaracters do that Paw Patrol is amazing. I believe they would all get along - Shaneb22

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5 Replace this with Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues is probably as good as PAW patrol, but PAW patrol DOES NOT drool. Would be nice to see Blue's Clues on air again though. Jared

I totally disagree with the person who said PAW Patrol drools. It RULES as much as Blue's Clues.

Blue's clues does rule, but Paw patrol doesn't drool.

Base idea

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6 Rainbow Dash beats them up

Stop talking about My Little Pony.

Yep. Then you wake up, realize it was all a dream, then rainbow dash beats you up.

And then kills them with the Sonic Rainboom.

I don't want to sound like an anti-brony, but I'm getting pretty annoyed at the fact that half of these are something to do with Mlp. - XxembermasterxX

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7 Ryder poops his pants

Lol. That sounds funny, but very stupid.

Lol, I just laughed so hard. - DumbFriesNub

What the hell!? :O - Mariomaster63

This would kill off the show very quick. But it would funny to watch him sell up the place lol.

8 Do not make them sing

Yes! Please do not sing, Stupid PAW Patrol! Or should I say... CRAP Patrol!

Their songs are horrible. - cosmo

I love the friendship day song - Shaneb22

This show sucks

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9 Make an episode where Alex Pees his Pants

Lol. Don't do this.

When this happens make sure that his grandfather spanks him and he paw patrol throws him into the water AND that he drowns and dies. the end

10 PAW Patrol being 100th place in "Greatest Nick Jr Shows"

It doesn't belong to be in 100th place it belongs to be in 1000th place - PatrickStar

Nice wit, but it should be somewhere in the 'top ten'. HA HA, get it? were in the 'Top tens' website.

100th is not good enough it should in billionth place

Nah, I've seen a lot worse

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11 Sky screams so loud she explodes

Stop spelling Skye wrong! And you should do this to the tomato-headed brat Chase!

The worst thing on the list; why not u scream so loud u explode?

Why the hell? SKYE rules!

Next time you keep adding items, put Skye on all of them. She's an ass

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12 Someone gives Ryder a wedgie

That's called a sexual assault. Anyone who would do that would meet the wrong end of my handgun. Jared

Not a wedgie give him a SUPER WEDGIE

I laughed at this! - nintendofan126

13 Blue and Steve kill Ryder and the Paw Patrol


14 They win for worst cartoons/ripoff on Razzie Awards

If you want to know what paw patrol is a rip-off of then it's a rip-off of blues clues

Dora is more likely to win, she's not a ripoff, but she deserves it

They're not even close to winning that award, but they're far from winning the opposite of the Razzie Awards too. - Kwaysar

15 They get killed by The "Evil Patrol"
16 Celestia banishes Katie to another world

I new there would be more my little pony characters

It'll be a DREAM! Just have Celestia fall from the sky and uses her magic to kill Katie and send her in a very dirty and rotten place where no one will EVER find her! HahaaahahHahHah!

17 Mickey Mouse Kills Ryder

Mickey Mouse makes him go to Disney World, puts him on Expedition EVEREST (awesome joke) and falls off. Only posted this for the pun - Mariomaster63

LOL man that is cool

Oh. Mickey can use Disney magic to do that

Mickey and Ryder team up to kill Dora.

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18 Elmo shoots them

As a fitting action, Elmo then gets beaten by a kid. The video is available on YouTube for your convenience. - Kwaysar

How about the both die - Officialpen

I saw a picture on YouTube were elmo actullay shoots barney

Officialpen dies.

19 Make Them Watch Sanjay and Craig

That sounds funny but disgusting

No it's not.

Nipe.I'd rather choose Hawkmoth akumatizing Marshall

20 Chase gets killed by a Nucleus Dragon

That would be the end of that rotten tomato-headed brat. They would replace him for Stuart (a pup from my dreams). Though he is not a police pup, He can help in all conditions. (The Nucleus Dragon wanted to join Paw Patrol but all she really wanted was to kill Chase and replace with Stuart)

I hate Chase so he deserves this. Who will be the spy then?

Wow... Chase will die? That is so off the best thingz list. I wish I would blow him up more like...

Chase, think TWICE about fighting a poisonous dragon. :P

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21 The CLAW Patrol kills them

Go CLAW Patrol, the awesome team of Dragons, lead by a girl called Rose! (Yes they are dragons so PAW Patrol are cinders )

Claw patrol? - Officialpen

Sparkle: Kills Skye

Crystal: Kills Rocky

Dara: Kills Rubble

Spiko: Kills Zuma

Skittle: Kills Marshall

Dinimo: Kills Chase (despite his tiny size)

Rose: Kills Ryder

Flaria: Kills Everest

Pip: Kills Tracker

And then the CLAW Patrol rule Adventure Bay

22 Zuma farts so bad he dies


23 Katie gets killed in Five Nights At Freddy's

Not only kill her murder her

Cool why not just nuke them

That would be great but disturphing

Prison rape

24 Arrested


25 Everyone dies except Rocky

Whoever said:"I come and I see this. I grab an eraser and rub it out, then get a pencil and write Skye' instead. So it'll say 'Everyone dies except Skye'. That's much better! " NO! It should stay this way. Rocky is the best pup and is technically the only green one. His recycling truck is probably electric. The rest of the pups' cars cause pollution. Especially Skye's. She should die FIRST.

Everyone dies except no one

Exactly. Rocky deserves a better show.

I would keep em all safe. They can stay with me I love them - Shaneb22

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26 They die

Great idea then this abomination of a show won't be on anymore

Shut up.

The guy who screamed is bitch


27 They become #1 on the Top 10 Best Nick Jr. Shows

No they should be number 0 and take them off the list

I agree with the person under the person under me

*Worst, you mean?

Finally, someone who loves the show, I love it to.

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28 Make an episode when another new pup joins them

All this other stuff is rude nonsense and mlp trash. What if a new pup joins their team?

29 They get rid of the theme song

Definitely it makes my ears bleed it like listening to alive mice being blended

Every show needs a theme song so if they get rid of it they should create a new one.

30 Twilight Sparkle sends them in a portal to hell

Why is everything my little pony? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

My little pony list ass well

More my little pony


31 All the dogs get run over by a 16-wheeler

At least not Rocky... - NineinDog

All the dogs got runover by the smokey and the bandit with his 16 wheeler frind LOL

Or they get runover by the Pawpatroller


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32 Inflate Chase's butt with water

Lol. I hope this never happens, but it would be funny to watch.

If I saw this, I would laugh all day.

Make this happen and I will watch paw patrol again - DewSpectrum11


33 The pups fight a Nuclear Dragon who kills Chase

Wow. I was so annoyed by that loser Chase... AND NOW HE DIES? This is the coolest thing on the list.


New Episode: Pups and the Nuclear Dragon.
Story: The pups play in the lookout. Then a Nuclear dragon comes and sais "I want to kill you! "
Pups flee but Chase is brave eough to fight. He pounces but the dragon shoots toxic gas at him and he falls down, dead. The paw patrol bury him and then Skye becomes the new leader of the pups so she kicks them all out except Rocky and Everest and brings in other pups, like Tundra, Elsa and others.

34 They fall in a volcano

They could've done that in the Air Pups episode

Yep. Well, maybe only Chase will.

They are "fired"

35 Wiped

Remember when T.V. channels wiped reels containing their old shows they didn't want anymore? Well, that should happen to Paw Patrol, so nobody will ever see it again! - imacg4

Yep! Totally agreed! *Evily laughs*

36 They all join together to kill Dora The Explorer

Dora is worse than Paw Patrol, so I would be happy if this happened

That would make us love Paw Patrol

Do it, kill Dora!

Awesome! - andrewteel

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37 Battle against them and the Avengers

Your making an idea where two of my favourite teams fight each other? Bad idea

Captin America will kill them like flies

38 Make Captain Toad come and kill Marshall and cancel the show and make the M&M's arrest Ryder and discontinue the toys

I hate Paw Patrol the most out of everybody in the world. I made a rant out of it and the Target commercial that had Chase cameo sucked EGGS! I think that this show should be cancelled, taken off the air, and that the toys should discontinue.

This is too long. Is someone trying to write a book? This shouldn't happen. I disagree with this person below me.

i think so

39 Phineas and Ferb send them all to Mars
40 They breathe in cyanide


41 Skye becomes Queen of Adventure Bay and sends Major Goodway to the mountains with Jake

That would be epic!

That would be the coolest thing ever (well this would be after Chase dies, so Skye will love Rocky now but then he has to break up with Tundra which he doesn't care if he does).
Then Rocky will be the King. Ryder's ATV will explode, Marshall poops his pants, Rubble gets a bulldozer stuck in the Lookout, and Zuma is stuck inside it. LOL, it would be cool.


42 Chase gets trolled in Minecraft

Chase walks around...
Chase: Say wha-
Chase: Seriously.

43 The pups kill Caillou

I'd say that Paw Patrol is better than Caillou because none of the characters in Paw Patrol whine, unlike Caillou does

Die Caillou but not goanamate Caillou

Yeah! - andrewteel

44 The make a movie and murder mlpyespawpatrolno
45 Varg Virkenes goes to Adventure Bay and burns Paw Patrol headquarters

Varg Virkenes? Who is this Varg Virkenes?


46 Chase forced to go alone

Chase is force to go alone and die. I love my doggo Chase, and he's a way better dog than the trash police.

Go alone and DIE? Lol

Wow. Good idea.

47 Princess Celestia teleports them to the moon

One more MLP part and I am going to jump off of a bridge. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

You mentioned her already

48 Spot the Jaguar kills Ryder and the pups

great idea


49 They get murdered by Tirek

Stop it at once!

This MLP nonsense is getting old. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

50 Justin Bieber sings to them all

Lol they would get so bored but the first song is COLD WATER


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1. Cancel the Show
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1. Ryder poops his pants
2. Someone gives Ryder a wedgie
3. Sky screams so loud she explodes

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