Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Paw Patrol

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41 Elmo shoots them

How about the both die - Officialpen

I saw a picture on YouTube were elmo actullay shoots barney

42 Put them on Robot and Monster
43 Nuke Adventure Bay

Okay, how do you get in after I shoot down your bombers?

44 Battle against them and the Avengers V 1 Comment
45 Alex wakes up and realizes that EVERYTHING was just a dream
46 Make Captain Toad come and kill Marshall and cancel the show and make the M&M's arrest Ryder and discontinue the toys

I hate Paw Patrol the most out of everybody in the world. I made a rant out of it and the Target commercial that had Chase cameo sucked EGGS! I think that this show should be cancelled, taken off the air, and that the toys should discontinue.

This is too long. Is someone trying to write a book? This shouldn't happen. I disagree with this person below me.

47 Dudley Puppy beats them up

He says, "you are a disgrace to talking dogs everywhere.

48 They fall into a tar pit
49 They explode randomly

Not Marshall he's the best. My special pup - Shaneb22

You said that about skye

But NOT Slye she is the best

50 Phineas and Ferb send them all to Mars
51 They fall into acid
52 They stab each other
53 They get spanked
54 They get whipped
55 Someone pelts them with rocks
56 Inflate Chase's butt with water

Lol. I hope this never happens, but it would be funny to watch.

If I saw this, I would laugh all day.

V 1 Comment
57 They breathe in cyanide
58 Make Sticks The Badger bounce on all of them with a pogo stick

That would be so funny I'm picturing it in my head right now hahaa.

59 They get killed by The "Evil Patrol"
60 They go to Aperture Laboratories V 1 Comment
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1. Cancel the Show
2. Tell Rarity to stick a knife through their heads
3. Do not make them say "Paw Patrol is on a roll" anymore
1. Ryder poops his pants
2. Someone gives Ryder a wedgie
3. Sky screams so loud she explodes



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