Top 10 Things That Should Happen On Peppa Pig

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1 The show gets cancelled


I really X 100 want this show to be cancelled and forgotten. Well at least it ended

That would be a dream come true - Peppapigsucks

Both peppa pig and hi hi puffy ami yumi premiered 2004 but ami yumi got cancelled because of the stupid pig. They should bring back ami yumi and end peppa pig. One time, I saw this peppa pig episode where the police help stupid George find his dinosaur. In real life, the police wouldn't give a crap about a lost dinosaur toy!

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2 Barney the Dinosaur Eats Her

Barney's a HORSE. I think

3 Chowder Eats Peppa

Then Chowder gets shot in the head

YES! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Chowder is the true alpha in the cartoon universe. Chowder has yet to present Mung Daal and Schnitzel an exemplary dish. Chowder could make more use of Peppa Pig by making her into a bacon flambé.

4 She should listen to Justin Bieber


JB: Baby baby baby
Peppa: STOP!
JB: Baby baby baby
JB: Baby baby baby
Peppa: ARGH! - Peppapigsucks

She should also listen to Justin Bieber baby too.

She is so stupid she probably likes Justin Bieber.

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5 Run over by a car

Who wants flat bacon Yo.

6 Somebody scares her

She watches don't hug me I'm scared and runs away to be a hermit in a cave

Ha! This is a great idea!

That will be Sally.exe.

7 Slenderman kills her
8 Deadpool Kills Her Family
9 The narrator learns to shut up

He's dumb, he must be scrapped from the show! And then it gets cancelled for sucking.

He never stop talking! He is narrating the obvious!

Peppa: I love pancakes!
Narrator: Peppa loves pancakes, everyone loves pancakes.

That's just stupid! Not everyone likes pancakes, you know!

Will you care to shut up?

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10 Peppa should get punished

Punishment 1: Hot Sauce on her face, mouth ears, hair, chin, and eyes
Punishment 2: Getting spanked by mummy pig 6000 times
Punishment 3: She gets run over! - Peppapigsucks

The 3 B's for punishing Peppa: Bacon, Backstab, and Burn. - mcdonalds_sucks

You really should.

She really deserves it!

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11 Pig (Back at the Barnyard) beats her up with a flogger.

That would be the funniest thing ever! - Peppapigsucks

I would pay good money to watch this happen.

Whoever created this one is a genius.


12 Somebody Pumps Daddy Pig With An Air Pump Until He Gets Bigger And Flies Around The Screen And Explodes In The End


This would be hilarious!


13 George stops crying

His crying is so annoying!

14 Peppa Drowns in a Muddy Puddle

They should make a YTP on Youtube about that concept

George has actually drowned in a muddy puddle in one YouTube video. Peppa and all of the other terrible characters should also drown in a muddy puddle and the show should end after that episode happens.

This is a lol man. Then there would be no more pigs and the show would be banned for death YAY.

This will happen at some point. Guaranteed.

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15 She has a big rivalry with Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is similar and just as bad as Peppa! Plus those two are my target at killing.

16 They should learn to draw the show better

The drawing bad, come on, you can do better then that, creators of the show.

17 Peppa dies

That's what I'm hoping for! Peppa's death!

Along with all the other characters on this horrid show!

Yes. Just yes.

18 Tell Elsa to freeze Peppa

What will happen to her in the summer? - mcdonalds_sucks

Elsa’s better than Peppa so easily.

Peppa should be killed instead

They both suck

19 Twilight Sparkle zaps Peppa with her magic

He he! MLP rules! Peppa Pig drools!

Then Peppa will get electrocuted to death! What an awesome death for Peppa! 😆

20 She goes to prison

Pepa is bacon so she should be chopped up

And when she goes to prisin,she's gonna get raped!

21 George should learn to talk more

He only says "Dinosaur", which annoys me.

22 Someone cooks her for dinner

Bowser: Hey guys, here’s dinner
Larry: Mmm, bacon
Lemmy: Hooray Peppa pig died
Wendy: Thank god this show drives me nuts
Morton: I miss her WAH
Bowser throws Morton in the oven

Nobody would, because shes so spoiled, you'd be eating rotten meat! *ba dum bum*

Someone's having roasted pig tonight. He he he!

So Bowser's fire breath can cook Peppa to death.

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23 Force Peppa to watch Angry Kid (Aardman Animation)

Yeah that would be awesome

Have any of you seen it?

24 Squidward yells at Peppa

Squidward rules! peppa drools!

25 The minions shoot the fart gun at her

This is hilarious! The minions really rock! Peppa smells like a sock!

26 Stewie Griffin kills her with a ray gun

Yeah Stewie, you rock.

27 Pinkie Pie blasts Dora with her party cannon

Whoops, I meant "Pinkie Pie blasts Peppa with her party cannon".

Yeah Pinkie Pie. You rock!

28 Let Eric Cartman cuss at Peppa

Eric is amazing and funny! I hope he can do this to that dumb pig known as Peppa. And besides, it would possibly kill Peppa.

Let Eric die instead - Officialpen

She will die from all of Cartman's f-words.

29 Sonic the Hedgehog boosts into Peppa

Sonic rules! Peppa drools! This should really happen!

SEGA does what nick jr. Doesn't!

Sonic is faster than all the character in Peppa pig

Sonic has cool adventures

Peppa pig has childish adventures

Let's sonic kill her

30 Give her a birthday present

But she doesn't deserve one!

Which is a iPod with all the songs she hates.

31 Give her to Adult Swim

*Spongebob sings best day ever in the background* - mcdonalds_sucks

I hate adult swim but that is a good idea

So they can kill her with their shows!

So the Peppa pig info can say Not for kids in Directv!

32 Force her to watch the Pinkie Pie video "Smile"

It has extremely bloody violence so she's faint.

She possibly won't watch it for a second time!

This video could make her commit suicide - ZootopiaFan

She'll love it b/c she's obese and retarded

33 Mickey Mouse kills Peppa


34 Kirby eats Peppa

Peppa: oh,what's it like today. me: AAARRRGG! Peppa PIG! Me: Tells peppa that she is for babies think this IS where You Belong. Me: chucks peppa into a tornado.

Kirby is so cute, Peppa is not!

Yay my favorite video game character kills her!

35 Marge Simpson spanks Peppa

Yes I want to see this happen along with Homer Choking her and Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes throwing dynamites se her.

36 Make her show less annoying and more fun
37 Holly (Ben and Holly) casts a spell on Peppa and she disappears


38 She commits suicide

Yay then the show would be cancelled

39 Gumball and Darwin Punch Peppa and George

That would be good. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

40 Mommy Pig Goes Back in Time and Aborts Peppa So She Doesn't Exist

YAS! - Peppapigsucks

41 She should get beaten up by her dad for saying his tummy is big

That's a good idea! She deserves it anyway!

42 Force Peppa Pig to watch Miranda

I like Miranda, and this would be hilarious.

It has bad words so she'll faint.

43 Spongebob kills Peppa Pig

SpongeBob SquarePants Rules! Peppa Pig Drools!

They both suck!

44 Tell someone to put tape on her mouth

I wish they could, so I won't have to hear her.

45 Rarity (MLP) sticks a gem through Peppa's head and uses her skin as fabric

Like she wants to do to Dora the Explorer. Both Peppa and Dora suck, so this should happen.

Rarity rules! Peppa drools!

Rarity's the best MLP character. So this should happen.

46 She is scrapped from the show and it focuses on another character

And then a new character replaces her and becomes friends with her former friends.

47 Tom and Jerry use dynamite to kill Peppa

Tom and Jerry rules! Peppa Pig drools! I'd love to see this!

48 Tell someone to shoot Peppa with a bazooka

That would be Peter Griffin.

49 Homer Simpsons strangles Peppa

Well Homer and Bender can be friends and destroy Dora, Peppa, and Paw Patrol. and destroy them FOREVER. Also get me some bacon and beer as well.

Peppa: Your tummy is big.
Homer: Why you little! (Strangles Peppa)

50 Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin use Uzi to kill Peppa
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