Top 10 Things That Should Happen On Peppa Pig

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21 Deadpool Kills Her Family
22 She has a big rivalry with Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is similar and just as bad as Peppa! Plus those two are my target at killing.

23 They should learn to draw the show better

The drawing bad, come on, you can do better then that, creators of the show.

24 Peppa dies

Along with all the other characters on this horrid show!

That's what I'm hoping for! Peppa's death!

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25 Peppa Drowns in a Muddy Puddle

This is a lol man. Then there would be no more pigs and the show would be banned for death YAY.

This will happen at some point. Guaranteed.

That would be the best thing in history

26 George should learn to talk more

He only says "Dinosaur", which annoys me.

27 Tell Elsa to freeze Peppa

Peppa should be killed instead

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28 Twilight Sparkle zaps Peppa with her magic V 2 Comments
29 Sonic the Hedgehog boosts into Peppa

Sonic rules! Peppa drools! This should really happen!

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30 She goes to prison V 1 Comment
31 Give her to Adult Swim

I hate adult swim but that is a good idea

So they can kill her with their shows!

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32 Force her to watch the Pinkie Pie video "Smile"

It has extremely bloody violence so she's faint.

She possibly won't watch it for a second time!

This video could make her commit suicide - ZootopiaFan

She'll love it b/c she's obese and retarded

33 Make her show less annoying and more fun
34 She commits suicide

Yay then the show would be cancelled

35 She should get beaten up by her dad for saying his tummy is big

That's a good idea! She deserves it anyway!

36 Force Peppa Pig to watch Miranda

I like Miranda, and this would be hilarious.

It has bad words so she'll faint.

37 Spongebob kills Peppa Pig

SpongeBob SquarePants Rules! Peppa Pig Drools!

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38 Tell someone to put tape on her mouth

I wish they could, so I won't have to hear her.

39 Rarity (MLP) sticks a gem through Peppa's head and uses her skin as fabric

Like she wants to do to Dora the Explorer. Both Peppa and Dora suck, so this should happen.

Rarity's the best MLP character. So this should happen.

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40 She is scrapped from the show and it focuses on another character

And then a new character replaces her and becomes friends with her former friends.

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