Top 10 Things That Should Happen On Peppa Pig

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41 She is scrapped from the show and it focuses on another character

And then a new character replaces her and becomes friends with her former friends.

42 Tom and Jerry use dynamite to kill Peppa

Tom and Jerry rules! Peppa Pig drools! I'd love to see this!

43 Someone cooks her for dinner

Nobody would, because shes so spoiled, you'd be eating rotten meat! *ba dum bum*

Someone's having roasted pig tonight. He he he!

So Bowser's fire breath can cook Peppa to death.

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44 Tell someone to shoot Peppa with a bazooka

That would be Peter Griffin.

45 Homer Simpsons strangles Peppa

Well Homer and Bender can be friends and destroy Dora, Peppa, and Paw Patrol. and destroy them FOREVER. Also get me some bacon and beer as well.

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46 Force Peppa to watch Angry Kid (Aardman Animation) V 1 Comment
47 Squidward yells at Peppa
48 Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin use Uzi to kill Peppa
49 She poops her pants

That would be funny, she sucks.

Or she could fart.

50 She loses her friends

Umm, I think negative 5 billion wouldn't even suffice.

Ha ha! She is so stupid! 0/5 stars. Ha Peppa, you sore loser.

51 Finn (Adventure Time) slices Peppa in half using his sword

She'll be dead in five seconds flat! And I like Adventure Time!

52 She's beaten up V 1 Comment
53 The minions shoot the fart gun at her

This is hilarious! The minions really rock! Peppa smells like a sock!

54 Jerry (Tom and Jerry) poisons Peppa with rotten cheese

Jerry is awesome! East or West, Jerry is the best. I hope he does this to that stupid pig.

55 Pinkie Pie blasts Dora with her party cannon

Whoops, I meant "Pinkie Pie blasts Peppa with her party cannon".

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56 Let Peppa get bossed around by Sarah (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

Ed, Edd n Eddy is awesome! This is a great idea too!

57 Kill her with grenades V 1 Comment
58 Let Eric Cartman cuss at Peppa

Eric is amazing and funny! I hope he can do this to that dumb pig known as Peppa. And besides, it would possibly kill Peppa.

Let Eric die instead - Officialpen

She will die from all of Cartman's f-words.

59 Put her in The Simpsons

Please put Peppa here so Homer can kick and strangle her.

60 Put her in a century-long coma

So she won't say anything and annoy me anymore.

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