Top 10 Things That Should Happen On Peppa Pig

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61 Spike (MLP) sets Peppa on fire
62 Force Peppa Pig to get annoyed by Yakko Warner

Yakko Warner rules! Peppa Pig drools! Yakko is by far better than Peppa.

63 She is killed by Jeff the Killer

Peppa Pig: Good night!
(Jeff the Killer appears on the side of her bed)
Jeff the Killer: Just go to sleep already, you horribly annoying pig.
(Jeff kills Peppa in her sleep)

If Jeff is short, that wouldn't happen b/c she sleeps in a bunk bed

64 Tom Cat scratches Peppa to death

Tom is mean, but this will be a good idea.

65 Rainbow Dash kills Peppa with the Sonic Rainboom
66 Make an episode where Peppa pulls her pants down

This would be funny! It means you can see her butt!

67 Tell the Animaniacs to drive Peppa insane

I love Animaniacs! This has to happen!

68 She eats poisoned spaghetti

It's her favorite food, so this should totally happen to that obese idiot known as Peppa.

69 Give her a birthday present

Which is a iPod with all the songs she hates.

70 Pitch Black gives Peppa nightmares
71 She enters BFDI and dies

Announcer: Peppa. You received two hundred and twenty two googolplex votes. That's far too many. You are eliminated.
Peppa: I LIKE being eliminated!
*gets sent to the TLC*
Announcer: Peppa Pig loves being eliminated. Everyone loves being eliminated. Except Needy.
*Needle slaps Announcer*

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72 Mewtwo poisons Peppa

Wild Peppa appeared! What will mewtwo do?

73 Rainbow Dash beats Peppa up
74 She is slapped to death for calling Needle "Needy"

Peppa: hello, needy!
Needle: (slaps Peppa in the face) Don't call me Needy!

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75 Someone gives her a wedgie
76 She falls into a volcano
77 Make an episode where Peppa has really bad gas

It would be called "Peppa farts".

78 She gets measles
79 Loses her popularity with audiences
80 Give her to Family Guy
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