Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Rainbow Dash

This is only for Rainbow Dash haters.List type is Subjective that means this list is based on opinions and personal preferences.

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1 She loses her friends

Then her friends realize how lost they'd be without her.

Loses them at the supermarket, but then finds them again in the end! Lol!

They'll never abandon her, just she'll never abandon them.

Yeah all she does is call twilight an egghead every other episode

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2 She sees Soarin making out with Spitfire

She'll let it go.

And couldn't care less about those two. Spitfire's a corrupt jerk anyway. Dash is above her.

She'll be super jealous - MLPFan

That would be a great idea! - Neonco31

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3 She can't do the Sonic Rainboom anymore

And then learns to do it again with the help of her friends. - clivenator

HA! This would be hilarious, she will fly into the air then she crashes and says "What?! But I thought I could do the sonic rainboom! " - AnimeDrawer

Nope. That'll always be her specialty.

Ha! I made a story about this! - AnimeDrawer

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4 All her friends already have boyfriends and she's the only one who doesn't

She won't care. She seems like an independent pony to me.

She's a free spirit. She doesn't need a stallion holding her back.

She's not a romantic pony anyway.

Guys I love rainbow dash but I think she may be a lesbian. I mean she's a tomboy with a rainbow colored mane (rainbow as in the lgbt flag)

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5 She gets a birthday present

For the ipod with the songs RD hates, put the song Call Me Maybe, Baby, Friday, and never getting back together.

Give her a birthday card from spitfire, who fired her from the wonderbolt academy.

Which is an iPod with all the songs she hate - MLPFan

Kill all of her haters. That would be the best gift ever! Not just for her, but for the whole world. Dash haters are a blight on humanity and should be removed from existence. - clivenator

That is rude, why don't you give her a better present instead of killing innocent people that dislike her? - AnimeDrawer

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6 She watches 'Bad Girls'
7 She watches the second season of 'Too Young' V 1 Comment
8 She goes to Justin Bieber's Concert

She'll fly out after ten seconds of Justin's horrible singing!

And then kills him for us.

So hilarious! She is so dumb, she probably likes Justin Bieber.

Hopefully she kills him and we don't have to listen to his singing. No more singing baby baby baby oh! 😠

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9 She dies

That says a lot about you that you have nothing better to do than to wish cartoon ponies death. It says A LOT.

Whoever hates Rainbow Dash deserves to be bullied and tortured. Hope they kill themselves.

Along with all the other characters of this horrid show!

Good riddance. Take that Rainbow Dashtards! Admit it. You guys are so much fun to watch. Go kill yourselves and join this abomination in hell! HAHAAHA!

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10 Rainbow Dash finally becomes a Wonderbolt

She already better than them, both in skillfully and morally.

That would be awesome. HA TAKE THAT HATERS

Becomes even better than them.

Grr no - Soggywaffles

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11 She watches 'The Other Girls'

I don't even like 'The Other Girls'(a mlpstopmotion series, by the way) and here's a long reason why I don't like It

The characters are stereotypical. You get Scootaloo who is the annoying little sibling stereotype, Fluttershy who is the mean older sibling stereotype, Cadance who is the embarrassing parent stereotype, Sunny Ray's friends who are the most loyal best friends ever stereotype, Lightning speed who Is the perfect guy stereotype, and there are many more. The show also lacks plot. The so called plot is pretty short and I can't really say It's a plot. Well, I do like fan made shows that took place In school. But the genre has been going down hill nowadays. Most of the new fan made school shows are pretty terrible and are usually bland rip offs of already popular fan made shows on the school genres. What I like to see In these type of shows are that they made me laugh/smile, made all the sadness In me gone or simply had a good time watching It and even got some positive ...more - MLPFan

She probably won't watch it for a second time!

She'll be shocked on the first episode where like other shows,she's a boy and she's dated Plumsweet - MLPFan

12 Her friends betray her
13 Buttercup beats her

This would be awesome whoever put that rainbow dash beats her up needs to be taught a lesson by buttercup. No matter what Buttercup will always be better than rainbow crash.

Heck yeah! I would love this! Buttercup is way stronger than Rainbow Dash. - AnimeDrawer

14 Someone should make about why Buttercup is better than her

I am obsessed with her, okay. I can like her if I want to. Its like you guys are obsessed with rainbow dash and you guys are even more annoying and bullies to rainbow dash haters. By the way I hate rainbow dash a lot and love buttercup a lot. I am trying to prove that she is better than rainbow dash.

Buttercup is not an annoying brat and she just came back this year, 2016, so she is not exactly old news, sorry but you are gonna have to deal with it. Buttercup is awesome by the way, the annoying brat is rainbow dash, she brags too much and is too overrated.

They have. And that someone is me. I have made a list about it. - TwilightKitsune

Buttercup is old news. Nobody cares about that annoying brat anymore.

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15 Buttercup and Butch murder her
16 She was scraped from the show

The show would suck without her.

And then the show is cancelled for sucking.

They replace it with spitfire and she becomes friends with RD's friends.

Yes! I've always liked Spitfire! She was cool and Is a lot better than Rainbow Dash. - MLPFan

And she is replaced by another character - MLPFan

17 She marries Prince Blueblood
18 She watches Barney & Friends
19 Hatsune Miku Beats Her

I like Miku Hatsune! But I prefer Buttercup from ppg though. They both should team up to get rid of Rainbow Dash. Miku and Buttercup rule! Rainbow Dash drools!

20 She should play Five Nights at Freddy's

No, no most certainly not

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1. Her friends betray her
2. She dies
3. She loses her friends
1. She loses her friends
2. She sees Soarin making out with Spitfire
3. She can't do the Sonic Rainboom anymore
1. She loses her friends
2. She can't do the Sonic Rainboom anymore
3. All her friends already have boyfriends and she's the only one who doesn't



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