Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Rainbow Dash


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21 She gets beat up

Yes! Buttercup come and beat her up.

I'm not a buttercup fanboy I'm a buttercup fangirl, plus buttercup can defeat her, watch the mugen battle against both of them and buttercup easily defeated rainbow dash.

22 She becomes a Barney & Friends character

This should teach her a lesson, this would be funny and no one will like her since she is in one of the worst shows ever.

23 She beats up Buttercup

Good luck doing that. Buttercup will punch off her head. - TNTToasterPranksterboat

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24 Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls Z hits her with her hammer

Hyper sonic swing! Rainbow Dash would be out of the universe. I like Buttercup(ppgz) better than Rainbow Dash, Dash just basically almost copies everything from her.

25 She Gets More Haters
26 She should get tickled

Well she DOES have ticklish hooves.

27 She should watch Mufasa's Death from The Lion King

No. The whole lion king! Awesome movie! - QueenTerra

It's really sad. Guess what will happen is she watches it.

28 She should get another episode with Applejack
29 She becomes the star of the show

It should be the Rainbow Dash show. She's the best character anyway. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

No way, the show would be even worse.

I don't even like mlp but if it was about rainbow dash, it would be even worse than it already is.

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30 She learns to be nice

Good point. Learn to be nice Dash - Neonco31

You've got to be kidding me and if you're not, GET BANNED!

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31 She becomes a millionaire

No way, she is terrible, so don't make her have a lot of money or else she will brag.

No way! What kind of lunatic made this list. I love Rainbow Dash, she's awesome. And I love the show too!

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32 She becomes the most liked pony in Equestria

With how often she saves the day, she should be.

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33 She has a battle with Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls

I think buttercup will win, rainbow dash wouldn't be able to defeat her.

Buttercup is infinity times better than rainbow dash.

Buttercup rules, rainbow dash drools.

34 She kills Gilda

She deserves it! She just mean to the others!

35 Gilda kills her

Nope, this should not be on the list. Rainbow Dash is a little mean, but I like her. Gilda, however, is a complete piece of garbage with no friends.

36 She gets shot
37 She gets stabbed
38 She gets her mane shaved off
39 She gets her gender swapper
40 She gets poisoned
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1. Her friends betray her
2. She dies
3. She loses her friends
1. She loses her friends
2. She sees Soarin making out with Spitfire
3. She can't do the Sonic Rainboom anymore
1. She loses her friends
2. She can't do the Sonic Rainboom anymore
3. All her friends already have boyfriends and she's the only one who doesn't



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