Top Ten Things That Should Happen, to Sarah On Ed Edd N, Eddy


The Top Ten

1 Godzilla eats Sarah

Or King Kong, maybe Jaws. - Connor360

What about the Colossal, Armored, Female, or Eren Titans? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks Sarah

I want to say one thing, thing.

3 Ed beats up Sarah

Everybody has wanted, Ed to do this for years! - nintendofan126

4 Jason Voorhees cuts Sarah's head off
5 Link slash's her with his sword
6 Snorlax body slams Sarah

Me: Snorlax use Bodyslam!
Sarah: AHHH.
*sarah fainted* - nintendofan126

7 Mordecai and Rigby run over Sarah with the cart
8 Superman spanks Sarah

That brat, should've been beaten a long time ago! - nintendofan126

9 Mario & Luigi throw fireballs at Sarah

Would burn her soul

10 Kratos rips Sarah's head off

The Newcomers

? Sarah gets thrown into a vat of nuclear waste
? Sarah gets sent to a more strict family

The Contenders

11 Gets beaten up by Norwegian Black Metal Bands
12 Freddy Krueger gives her nightmares
13 Sarah forgets to wind up the music box and gets killed by the puppet
14 Ed Spanks her
15 The Smiling Titan eats her

Why not Sarah instead of Eren's mother?

16 Migi Handles the Defense and Shinichi Izumi Kills Her

Shinichi: Migi, handle the defense! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

17 Harley Quinn whacks Sarah

Go on Harley! Give that annoying little brat a headache!

18 Disgust calls her a moron!

That will make her mad, just like what she did to Anger!

19 SpongeBob burns Sarah with a hot Krabby Patty
20 Freddy Fazbear stuffs Sarah in a suit
21 A bird poops on Sarah
22 Sarah falls off a cliff
23 Sarah gets hit by a train
24 Scorpion and Sub Zero kill Sarah
25 Balloon boy disables Sarah's Flashlight and lets her get killed by Foxy
26 Patrick's sister Sam beats up Sarah
27 Rainbow Dash eats Sarah

Really people? Rainbow dash? Really? - nintendofan126

"Rainbow Dash uses the Sonic Rainboom to kill Sarah" would be better.

28 She gets thrown into Mount Doom
29 Have her get slashed by the Nazgul
30 Make her watch Barney and Friends
31 Make her watch "Ren Seeks Help"
32 Sarah makes fun of Ed and Ed beats her up
33 Have Ed's mom ground her

It's about time Sarah know how Ed feels when he feels threatened by Sarah telling on Mom.

34 Sugou Nobuyuki tortures her

I really hate Sugou for what he did to Asuna, but I would only love him when he tortures Sarah.

35 Toonami's Intruder Absorbs Her
36 Caillou Annoys Her With His Whining
37 Kirito Uses Starburst Stream on her
38 Super Why! Cast punch Sarah
39 Rainbow Dash use sonic rainboom at Sarah
40 Regina George punches Sarah
41 Sarah gets sent to an all female military school for life!

Sarah deserves it for being a b#tch to Ed the whole time! She belongs there alongside D.W, the Biskit Twins, Angelica Pickles, the female bullies from the LPS/Webkinz child abuse/bullying videos, Penny from Atomic Betty and Connie D'Amico

42 Sarah gets killed by Yandere-chan

A sexy, sadistic goddess killing the most hated EEnE character nest to Kevin.

43 Sarah gets run over by Thomas (Thomas and Friends)
44 Thanos disintegrates Sarah
45 Sarah gets kicked by Rouge the Bat

A sexy bat V a loudmouthed brat! Who Will Win?

Answer: tab eht eguoR

46 Charizard burns Sarah
47 Johnny hits Sarah with plank
48 Pikachu electrocutes Sarah to death
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