Things That Should Happen In Season 2 of Girl Meets World

These are some things that could improve Girl Meets World.

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1 Moves to ABC family

In the same channel as Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and Switched At Birth (three awesome shows)? NO WAY! If this happens, the channel would be screwed because Girl Meet World will never be as good as the three shows that I mentionned - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I hate Gril Meets World all in all. It shouldn't be in Disney. I would like it more if it was on ABC Family. - BubbleBear01

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2 Every Boy Meets World character comes back
3 Maya turns into mustard

I made this list but I didn't add a lot of this stuff so don't get mad at me. - TopTensFan

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4 Topanga gets pregnant
5 Cory divorces Topanga
6 Lucas tells Riley that he doesn't like her and Riley has a breakdown

Heck, the show might actually have some drama. - Minecraftcrazy530

I would actually like to see that episode

I would love to see that episode. Make Lucas love Maya instead! LUCAYA!

Riley and Lucas got no chemistry

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7 Farkle gets killed off

No way

8 Topanga gets killed off

That is stupid why would you kill of a character you should feel shame to yourself

9 Eevery Boy Meets World character gets brought back

I would love for this to happen. I loved boy meets world and it would be amazing if this would happen!

Yea it could be like a renioun cory and topanga go to and then they see every boy meets world cast

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10 Gets cancelled

That would make my day. - Minecraftcrazy530

So would mine, my fellow hater. But what would make my day more is that every show that I don't want on the Disney Channel and Disney would be permanently removed.

Sorry I tried to watch you girl meets world. I tried to like you.

Hey this show is one of the better things that has happened to disney

That would be the best day of my life! - BubbleBear01

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11 Maya gets killed off

Maya, in my point of view, isn't really bad. She just has no hope left (until the GMHurricane episode) and she's sad so she tries not to care about anything anymore. I want to be an actress, so I practice roles that are already taken, and see how I understand the character's emotions. Try it, take the script and pretend to be Maya. You'll feel it, you'll know it. It's a really good character with a deep story.

Maya is just a good hurt girl trying to be bad. She cares about her friends and actually kinda keeps them grounded plus the love triangle is delicious. don't kill her

Sounds interesting. And I typed that because I've low opinion of bad girls and boys due to the trouble that that make. In fact, I've been antagonized by those kinds of people.

If you ask m, e Maya's hypocritical in that she's rebellious yet tried to stop Lucas from punchin' his black friend. A truly rebellious person would allow another person to be violent.

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12 Lucas gets killed off
13 Riley gets killed off

Riley is my least favorite with Lucas. They should be the first ones to be killed off. - BubbleBear01

14 Shawn and Angela date again

Even though she's married she can still get a divorce.

No way I think their story is done

15 Auggie gets killed off

No never. I hate this one.


Yes finally! Auggies annoying. Maybe just let him stay with his T.V. grandma for a few I dunno years.

16 All of the cast members die in a huge fire that burns down the Matthews' apartment

I would laugh my ass off if that happened. It would be the only funny moment on Girl Meets World and Disney Channel.

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17 Shawn and Maya's mom get married



18 Lucas turns bad fulltime

Lucas was a pretty boring character until we saw his darkside. I say Lucas should be that guy all the time

19 Someone gets Farkle a hair stylist

I hate his hair

20 Riley gets recast
21 High School of the Dead/Girl Meets World Crossover
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