Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Season 3 of Andi Mack

These are things that should happen in season 3 of Disney Channel's Andi Mack. The third season starts on October 8, 2018.

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1 Tyrus Becomes Canon

I think it is confirmed to happen! Even if it is I will be at the edge of my seat every time an obstacle comes their way preventing them from being together! - Gabriola

2 Everyone Dies

Alright can people stop voting for this? Who ever put this here in the first place has major issues! - Gabriola

Alright, that is a very messed up thing to say. I don't like Andi or Jonah but they don't need to die.

Well, not everyone. Amber, Marty, CeCe, Ham and Walker don't deserve to.

Cyrus, Buffy, TJ, Bex, Bowie, Cece, Ham, Walker, Amber, Iris, Natalie, Gus, Buffy's mom, Cyrus's parents, Andi's other relatives, Brittany and every other character besides Andi and Jonah don't deserve to. Well, I don't actually want Jonah or Andi to die but I want them to get punished for being petty and mean.

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3 Andi's Behavior Improves

Andi is so much more mature than she was before! - Gabriola

4 Jonah Stops Having Panic Attacks

Hope that he stops

5 TJ's Backstory
6 Jandi Ends

Jonah moved on and got a new girlfriend named Libby. Andi ruined it.

I think this actually happened in the first episode.

Jonah should get together with Natalie. That’d be cool.

7 Cyrus Will Reveal To Jonah That He Had A Crush On Him
8 Muffy Returns

Spoiler alert: It happens!

9 Pops Returns
10 TJ and Cyrus Kiss

They almost did this in the episode "The New Girls".

Fanfics, yes. On Disney Channel, no. (I wish though) - Gabriola

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11 Wandi Becomes Canon
12 Bex and Bowie Get Married
13 We Get Another Flashback Episode

In "I Got Your Number" we get a flashback scene of young Jonah and TJ.

Probably that h0e Bex sleeping with a bunch of guys while she was gone for 13 years.

14 Bex Grounds Andi

Andi hasn't been to bratty so I think she doesn't need to. - Gabriola

Yeah, that whiny, selfish wh0re deserves it!

15 TJ Gulps Nervously

Top 5 Things That Can Make TJ Gulp Nervously:
1. The moments before confessing his feelings to Cyrus.
2. The announcement of a super difficult math test.
3. Cyrus attempting to kiss him.
4. Being surrounded by angry school faculty members.
5. Realizing he ate Cyrus's last muffin (he gulps down the last piece nervously)

He probably did this before entering the room with the police officer in it between the time gap of "Cookie Monster" and "The New Girls". - Gabriola

He should do this when telling Cyrus about his true feelings.

16 TJ'S Stomach Growl

Would be cute! TJ would be a blushing, uncontrollable, mess! - Gabriola

TJ and Cyrus are on an outing and lunch time is soon approaching. TJ's stomach growls and he immediately tries to shut it up. Cyrus heard it and thinks it's cute while TJ being the tsundere he is blushes with an annoyed look trying to deny it.

TJ: Hey Underdog, what time is it?
Cyrus: It's 12:45. Wow where way late for lunch! I'm getting hungry.
TJ: Me too. Wanna go to The Spoon for some babytaters?
Cyrus: I was just thinking about that! Lets go!
TJ and Cyrus are about 2 minutes away from The Spoon. They are really famished feeling sharp pains in their stomachs but trying to prevent any sounds from escaping until TJ's decided to act up.
TJ: *stomach growls* *stares down quickly and holding his stomach in a flash*
TJ was a tough guy who rarely gets flustered but he had his insecurities. One of the things that made him feel really embarrassed was when his tummy decides to remind him to feed it.
Cyrus: Uh, what was that noise?
TJ: Uh, what noise?
Cyrus: The noise I just heard right now. It sounded kind of like a growl and, oh, TJ, are you getting hungry? *smirks*
TJ: *cheeks start to redden* W-what, well, yes, I am hungry but my stomach dosen't growl that loud!
After saying that his gut decides ...more

17 TJ Punches the Blonde-Haired Kid

Reed is going to get what's coming for him!

18 Amber Gets More Screen Time
19 We Get To See Buffy's Girl's Basketball Team

I think that Kira will make a rival team to get revenge on Buffy for kicking her out. - Gabriola

20 TJ Gets Either Flustered/Nervous/Bashful

He should blush/get nervous when confessing his feelings to Cyrus!

Would love to see the tough basketball guy get red in the face and stutter uncontrollably! - Gabriola

21 Miranda And Morgan's Backstory
22 Finding Out Buffy's Real Crush
23 Cyrus Gets Bullied

No no one deserves that.

No. - Gabriola

24 Principal Metcalf Enforces the Rules More Strictly

All of the kids at the middle school are entitled and don't respect the adults. Principal Metcalf should make serious rules to calm every one of those brats down!

25 Buffy Gets Kicked Out of the Good Hair Crew

She’s always so mean to Cyrus.

26 Cyrus's Stomach Growls

He would be so embarrassed! TJ would be teasing him so much!

27 Andi Stuffs Her Belly with Baby Taters

No fetishes please.

28 TJ Passes Math Class

Cyrus would be so proud making TJ bashful and flustered!

29 New Members are Added to the Good Hair Crew

TJ, Walker, Amber, Natalie, and Marty should join. Andi and Jonah should get kicked out.

30 Andi Becomes a Good Behaved Kid

I really want her to change. She was a great character in season 1 and early season 2 but she became quite wicked during mid to late season 2.

31 Super Power Episode

Completely fictional but it could be a dream sequence.

32 Andi Burps

She should let out a small dainty one.

33 TJ and Cyrus Dance at the Upcoming Fall Formal

They would be nervous as hell!

34 Marty Returns
35 Natalie Gets More Screen Time
36 Jonah Stops Being Petty
37 Ham And Celia's Wedding Anniversary
38 Buffy's Mom Gets More Screen Time
39 Andi Gets Punished for Being a Whiny Brat All the Time
40 Jonah Gets Back Together with Amber
41 Miranda Becomes a Teacher at Andi’s School
42 Buffy Gets Punished for Being a Bad Friend

Just. Watch. Crime Scene: AndiShack.

43 Walker Dates Amber
44 Buffy Moves Away for Real

She's the worst character.

45 Cyrus and Buffy Become a Couple
46 Andi Moves Back in with Pops and Cece
47 Andi gets sent to a boarding school full of mean girls

She really deserves it. She acts like a brat all the time, so let’s see how she likes it when other people act bratty to her.

48 Bowie Marries Miranda
49 Andi Gets Beaten Up

She doesn't need to get beat up she just needs to have a serious talk about her behavior. - Gabriola

50 Jonah Cheats on Andi with Natalie

Let’s see how Andi likes it when someone steals HER boyfriend.

I think the season 3 promo showed him cheating on Andi with some other girl. Karma, bitch!

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