Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Season 3 of Andi Mack

These are things that should happen in season 3 of Disney Channel's Andi Mack. The third season starts on October 8, 2018.

The Top Ten

1 Tyrus Becomes Canon

They better make this storyline worth it unlike that wasted one Jyrus! - Gabriola

2 Andi's Behavior Improves

She's been a selfish, melodramatic brat in recent season 2 episodes. I hope her attitude with Bex improves in season 3. - Gabriola

3 Jonah Stops Having Panic Attacks
4 Jandi Ends

Jonah should get together with Natalie. That’d be cool.

5 TJ's Backstory
6 Bex and Bowie Get Married
7 Cyrus Will Reveal To Jonah That He Had A Crush On Him
8 TJ Gets Either Flustered/Nervous/Bashful

Would love to see the tough basketball guy get red in the face and stutter uncontrollably! - Gabriola

9 Wandi Becomes Canon
10 Pops Returns

The Contenders

11 Bex Grounds Andi

Would be satisfying. Bex needs to stand up to her daughter and stop disregarding her attitude! - Gabriola

Yeah, that whiny, selfish wh0re deserves it!

12 We Get Another Flashback Episode

Probably that h0e Bex sleeping with a bunch of guys while she was gone for 13 years.

13 Amber Gets More Screen Time
14 Marty Returns
15 Natalie Gets More Screen Time
16 We Get To See Buffy's Girl's Basketball Team
17 Jonah Stops Being Petty
18 Ham And Celia's Wedding Anniversary
19 Buffy's Mom Gets More Screen Time
20 Miranda And Morgan's Backstory
21 Finding Out Buffy's Real Crush
22 Andi Gets Punished for Being a Whiny Brat All the Time
23 Everyone Dies

Well, not everyone. Amber, Marty, CeCe, Ham and Walker don't deserve to.

Best episode ever!

No. - Gabriola

ESPECIALLY that whiny sl”t Andi.

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24 Cyrus Gets Bullied
25 Jonah Gets Back Together with Amber
26 Miranda Becomes a Teacher at Andi’s School
27 Buffy Gets Punished for Being a Bad Friend

Just. Watch. Crime Scene: AndiShack.

28 Walker Dates Amber
29 Buffy Moves Away for Real

She's the worst character.

30 Cyrus and Buffy Become a Couple
31 Andi Moves Back in with Pops and Cece
32 Andi gets sent to a boarding school full of mean girls

She really deserves it. She acts like a brat all the time, so let’s see how she likes it when other people act bratty to her.

33 Bowie Marries Miranda
34 Andi Gets Beaten Up
35 Jonah Cheats on Andi with Natalie

Let’s see how Andi likes it when someone steals HER boyfriend.

36 Andi Moves to Antarctica

She doesn’t deserve friends.

37 Natalie Gets Revenge on Andi

For Andi being a mean girl to her! - Gabriola

38 Bex Slaps Andi
39 Andi Farts
40 Cyrus Gets an Animal Sidekick
41 Principal Metcalf Enforces the Rules More Strictly
42 Buffy Gets Kicked Out of the Good Hair Crew

She’s always so mean to Cyrus.

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