Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Season 3 of Girl Meets World

These things should happen in the third season of Girl meets world. Thus list is made for entertainment purposes only.

The Top Ten

1 Shawn gets Cory pregnant V 2 Comments
2 Lucas and Riley get married

They're too young to get married! - BubbleBear01

Too young...

3 Lucas proposes to Riley

When they're seniors, then yes. But 9th graders? Nuh-uh. And plus, Lucaya is better!

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4 Topanga and Angela get married

HUH?! Topanga's husband is Cory; her wife isn't Angela.

5 Rachel lifts Topanga and holds her like a baby in front of Riley and Auggie V 1 Comment
6 Cory gets Morgan pregnant V 1 Comment
7 Mr. Feeny gets Ava pregnant V 1 Comment
8 Mr. Feeny gets Auggie pregnant

Auggie is less than ten years old!

9 The show gets cancelled

Yeah sure. I'd be okay with that. (Not trying to offend, but I didn't say that I would love it just that I would be okay with it which means it would be tolerable to cancel it and yeah I don't like the show). I mean like I'd be okay if it stayed on, but I'd also be okay if it got taken off too, either way I won't watch the shows I don't like. - Anonymousxcxc

I have a love-hate relationship with this show, but I don't want it to be cancelled.

10 Mr. Feeny becomes a twerker

The Contenders

11 Katy marries Shawn

Sorry to all those who ship shawn and Angela

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12 Riley gets killed by Slenderman on Halloween

That's not gonna happen! - DynastiSugarPop

13 Dean Bolander joins TheTopTens
14 Mr. Feeny should be on the show more

Yeah that would make it slightly better. - Anonymousxcxc

15 Shawn proposes to Angela V 1 Comment
16 Shawn and Angela get married
17 Maya's mom leaves the show
18 Riley and Auggie talk to their cousins
19 Eric marries Rachel
20 Riley and Maya get a new teacher

I AGREE! It has been confirmed that Cory is going to be the gang's teacher but that makes me ANGRY! I hate Cory as a teacher. If you want to make him as a teacher, at least make him realistic!

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