Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Season 3 of Girl Meets World

These things should happen in the third season of Girl meets world. Thus list is made for entertainment purposes only.

The Top Ten Things That Should Happen In Season 3 of Girl Meets World

1 Shawn gets Cory pregnant

dude some of this are messed up

Huh? Men can't get pregnant!

2 Lucas and Riley get married

They're too young to get married! - BubbleBear01

Too young...

3 Lucas proposes to Riley

When they're seniors, then yes. But 9th graders? Nuh-uh. And plus, Lucaya is better!

Haah! Rucas always wins over Lucaya. Maybe later in their life.

4 Topanga and Angela get married

HUH?! Topanga's husband is Cory; her wife isn't Angela.

5 Rachel lifts Topanga and holds her like a baby in front of Riley and Auggie

Who's Rachel?

6 Cory gets Morgan pregnant

I'm okay with this.

7 Mr. Feeny gets Ava pregnant

Ava is less than ten years old!

8 Mr. Feeny gets Auggie pregnant

Auggie is less than ten years old!

9 The show gets cancelled

Yeah sure. I'd be okay with that. (Not trying to offend, but I didn't say that I would love it just that I would be okay with it which means it would be tolerable to cancel it and yeah I don't like the show). I mean like I'd be okay if it stayed on, but I'd also be okay if it got taken off too, either way I won't watch the shows I don't like. - Anonymousxcxc

I have a love-hate relationship with this show, but I don't want it to be cancelled.

10 Mr. Feeny becomes a twerker

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11 Katy marries Shawn

Sorry to all those who ship shawn and Angela

That happens in season 3

12 Riley gets killed by Slenderman on Halloween

That's not gonna happen! - DynastiSugarPop

13 Dean Bolander joins TheTopTens
14 Mr. Feeny should be on the show more

Yeah that would make it slightly better. - Anonymousxcxc

15 Shawn proposes to Angela


16 Shawn and Angela get married
17 Maya's mom leaves the show
18 Riley and Auggie talk to their cousins
19 Eric marries Rachel
20 Riley and Maya get a new teacher

I AGREE! It has been confirmed that Cory is going to be the gang's teacher but that makes me ANGRY! I hate Cory as a teacher. If you want to make him as a teacher, at least make him realistic!

21 The entire cast becomes pregnant because of Mr Feeny


22 The entire cast is killed by a shark
23 Katy gets killed
24 No more cheesy garbage
25 Riley and Maya as sophomores
26 Riley moves to Italy
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