Top Ten Things That Should Happen to SpongeBob


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1 He Gets Destroyed by a Transformer

Optimus Prime transforms and runs him over.

No. - Jasmine21064

He gets vaporized by Megatron, yesss...

Unicron eats the Earth.

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2 He Catches Ebola

No. - Jasmine21064

This is the worst list on TheTopTens, like, everything here is against SpongeBob

The person who made this list is an huge idiot. And ebola is definitely not something to joke about. - Powerfulgirl10

Some African sponge eh?

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3 He Gets Stabbed

And you get shot - Nateawesomeness

4 He Gets Fired Forever

And you get banned forever - Nateawesomeness

5 He Gets His Mouth Duct Taped

It's duck tape not duct tape. - EpicJake

6 He Gets Stuck In Another Person's Wringer
7 He Gets Diarrhea
8 He Gets Murdered

And you get eaten

9 Patrick Pelts Him With Trash
10 Sandy Dumps Him

The Contenders

11 He Becomes Great Again
12 His Pineapple Is Destroyed

That already happened TWICE. Home Sweet Pineapple and Home Sweet Rubble. Also he destroyed it in Opposite Day, and it was destroyed in one scene of Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm. It's also destroyed at the end of many episodes.

13 Patrick Becomes Funny Again and Not Dumb

Yeah! Back then, he was only reasonably stupid, but now they've made him an unfunny foolish jerk. I want SpongeBob's fun, lovable, and caring best friend back! Not some selfish moron who can't tell a device from HIS OWN BEST FRIEND. - Discord

14 SpongeBob Apologizes to Gary for Letting Puffy Fluffy Torture Him

To be honest, A Pal For Gary would be a whole lot better if this was the actual ending. - Jasmine21064

15 He Starts to Have an Actual Personality
16 Make Squidward His Friend
17 SpongeBob Finally Passes Boating School
18 SpongeBob Reacts to This Top Ten List
19 He should find out about Krabs being greedy, and lets Plankton have the formula
20 SpongeBob Becomes Boss
21 Thanos Disintegrates Him

No. - Jasmine21064

22 He Gets a Lobotomy
23 Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls fights Spongebob and uses the tornado on him
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