Top 10 Things that Should Happen in the Steven Universe Movie

Today, at SDCC, they announced a Steven Universe movie! I am very hyped, and if your a fan of the show, I know you are too!
Here are top 10 things that should happen in the movie.

The Top Ten

1 Steven and Connie Kiss. Steven and Connie Kiss.

As the show went on, Steven Universe’s and Connie, his best friend, Connie, have became even more close to each other, Most obvisous being the Seasin 2 pilot, Full Disclosure, where Steven tries to break up his and Connie’s friendship because he doesn’t want her to be Hurt or killed. It would be nice to see, in the movie, Steven and Connie, admit there feelings and kiss. It would serve to a nice conclusion to all the Steven and Connie arcs (Like the Fight ark in season Five which was TRASH) But, This would serve as massive fan service to all the shippers out there who have been wanting this to happen for a while. - UltraSandStorm

2 Rainbow Quartz 2.0 Rainbow Quartz 2.0

How the heck will this happen?

Rebecca Sugar (The Creator of the show) has accidentally spoiled in a Tweet or something, that there will be a fusion between Steven and Pearl. This has not been done, so it would be cool to see it in the Movie. Maybe it will help Pearl get over Rose a little more... Maybe it will Help her bond with Steven, who knows, let’s only hope, Fingers Crossed. 🤞🏻 - UltraSandStorm

3 Lapidot Becomes Canon Lapidot Becomes Canon

Ahh Lapidot. One of my top ships. Lapis and Peridot have had the best chemistry, sometimes, hinting to have romantic feelings for eachother. Like in Beta, Lapis and Peri stay usually close to eachother in the beginning, and Peridot asking Lapis if she is Ok. And Peridot when Lapis arrives in “Reunited”, Peridot Runs up to Lapis, delivering one of her best lines this show has to offer.
“Your Really here”. To see eachother interact and move on friends to something more in the movie, would make it even more entertaining. - UltraSandStorm

4 Jasper Uncorrupts Jasper Uncorrupts

Jasper is easily one of the best villains in Cartoon history, but back in Earthlings, Jasper Corrupts. She in next seen as a silhouette in Mindful Education, but after that she’s just... Gone. The movie would be perfect to bring her back, as one of the main antagonists, or she teams up with the crystal gems to defeat that.. weird gem who appears in the Trailer. Oh and that laugh is plain creepy. - UltraSandStorm

5 Lars Arriving to Earth with His Crew. Lars Arriving to Earth with His Crew.

Lars has recently became leader of the off colors. He has been trying to get to Earth in Numerous attempts, but somehow, something always goes wrong. The movie should show Lars arriving, only having to fight with his crew in a big Gem battle. - UltraSandStorm

I know I know! Lars almost at Earth, but gets stuck with white diamond. Be he arrives at a time White invaded Earth and Steven was trapped in whites cage she had for him. Lars’ ship shatters, and Lars falls hard. Ha catches PADPHARASCHA before his fall. Everyone is fine, except Lars. With his broken arm, and leg, scarred chest. Sadie comes over with a kiss. Lars, in a coma, can’t wake up. Steven tries his spit. Lars’ eyes flutter. Sadie, holding Lars, is crying. She kisses him again, and then, smacks him. SHE SAYS: LARS! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME! YOU LEFT ME WITH WORK, AND NO FRIENDS. AND I MOVED ON. BUT YOU STILL LEFT ME. come on Sour Cream.” And they drive off to a show. Sour Cream: Not cool dude.” The song Sadie said they we’re preforming was about how Sadie feels about Lars. But she hid it was about work.

6 A Gem Gets Shattered.

I don’t care how much hate this gets, but we need a gem being shattered canon. It has been said many times in the past, but how it never actually happened in the series. It would be sad to see a loveable character die, but the series needs some real big drama. Like Pops dying in Regular Show.. and him never returning. Steven Universe should tackle this concept, and the movie would be a perfect chance. - UltraSandStorm

7 Many Musical Numbers.

It’s a movie based on a show which has a song almost every Three Episodes, why not make it a musical? I’d love to see the movie have many music numbers throughout. - UltraSandStorm

8 The Zoo Humans Escape.

A great escape. The zoo humans have been trapped in there for thousands of years. Imagine the zoo getting destroyed and the Humans finding escape pods, and making their escape. They need to learn real human traits anyway. - UltraSandStorm

9 Ronaldo Fighting Alongside the Crystal Gems.

Ronaldo has wanted to in Rocknaldo, but never got to. In the movie, In a gem fight, Ronaldo fights evil gems with his Katana. That would make for a pretty nice fight scene. - UltraSandStorm

10 Holly Blue Returning

A character from a while back in the show and a loveable villan, Holly Blue Agate, would return in this film would make it cool along with the zoo humans. - UltraSandStorm

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