Top 10 Things That Should Happen to Tom Cat

I agree. Jerry is totally alright for a cartoon character. But Tom must DIE.

The Top Ten

1 He is banned from chasing Jerry around

Yes, this has to happen, because Tom is a complete meanie to everyone, especially sweet little Jerry.

2 He is scrapped from the show

Yes, and then he's replaced by another character who's better.

3 Jerry beats up Tom

I have so wanted Jerry to do this for years!

4 All of his friends betray him

And then Tom ends his life by commuting suicide.

5 He learns to be nice

Yes, that should teach Tom the lesson he deserves!

6 Spike eats Tom

Pretty violent, but yeah!

7 He dies

As well as all the other mean characters on this show! Excluding Jerry, Mammy, Nibbles and Quacker.

8 He becomes friends with Jerry

This is a very good idea. Then I'll finally like Tom!

9 Jerry throws cheese at him

Take this, you horribly mean cat!

10 Jerry falls in love with Rarity (MLP) and has Rarity throw gems at Tom

This would be so awesome to watch!

The Contenders

11 Jerry throws up on him
12 He is placed 100th on The Best Cartoon Characters Ever

That would teach Tom a lesson!

13 Arrested

You are under arrest for trying to kill a sweet, lovable little mouse since 1940.

14 He gets punished

That is an awesome idea! That should give Tom warnings not to chase sweet little Jerry!

15 He screams so loud his head explodes

That would be his famous scream, of course!

16 Jerry becomes more iconic that him

Jerry Mouse once did a dance with Gene Kelly: that is awesome and the most famous scene in Anchors Aweigh.

17 Jerry kills him

Deserves Tom right! Jerry is so underrated.

18 He goes to hell
19 He commits suicide
20 Thanos disintegrates him
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