Top Ten Things That Should Happen In the Video Game Industry


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1 More consoles with fun, non-violent games

Then it would be more kid friendly. I am a Mario fan.

Hwho ever made this is a bias Nintendo fanboy

OF COURSE - lolingdog9000

2 Call Of Duty ends

This would be a dream come true for me! - Turkeyasylum

Call of Duty is hideously overrated. - RiverClanRocks

3 PC game companies make game consoles

If they can make advanced computers why can't they make advanced consoles



4 Crash Bandicoot returns

He was also another character from my childhood, they need to bring him back. - nintendofan126

He was an icon of my childhood. I'd love to see him come bck! - Turkeyasylum

Ideas for Crash's Comeback:
1. Reboot in 2016 to celebrate his 20th anniversary
2. An appearance in Smash Bros. For 3DS & Wii U as DLC

5 Nintendo and Sega get more fame

Both companies are great, and deserve more respect than the "same for every game" formula Xbox and PlayStation are turning to. - Turkeyasylum

Or maybe, they unite into another gaming company called Ninsego. - Skullkid755

I agree with you about Sega gaining more fame, but I think that Nintendo is already popular enought (by popular, I mean extremly popular) - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

6 Pokèmon goes back to generation 1

Pokemon Geek: Generation 1 is glitchy.
1980s & 1990s kids: SHUT UP!
Video games of the 20th century were not as realistic as nowadays.
Compare Virtual Boy to VR headset nowadays.
Generation 1 is the Pokemon craze. We also had Pogs, Furbys, and Tamagotchis.

I wish Game Freak do a mania version and go back to the series' roots while still making games like s/m. Like how Sega did. Everybody will be happy.

The others just aren't the same to me. - Turkeyasylum

Generation one was seriously glitchy, off-balanced, and simple. If we were to go back to generation one, it means psychic would be crazy OP, no shiny pokémon, weird EVs and IVs, and not to mention, a game in basically black and white. - keycha1n

7 More thought put into games
8 The Hunger Games: The Game

Except you can choose from all sorts of characters including Nintendo characters. That means you can kill Peach once and for all!

I'd love to see this, as a big Hunger Games fan! Why not do it on Xbox Live? - Turkeyasylum

9 Game where all states in the US are independent themselves, and you must reunite them is released

I'd be one of the biggest fans. It s an idea I would play! - Turkeyasylum

10 More competitive companies in console wars

This is something we already lack in back then it was everyone putting at least a console now & days it's Nintendo, Microsoft, sony same old I would like to see something fresh soon - htoutlaws2012

The Contenders

11 Minecraft and Roblox shuts down

If this happened I would ber so happy and laugh for 50hours

You guys are idiots both of these game are awesome! Minecraft inspires kids to go outside and build a tree house. Roblox teaches kids to script and build and other people will play they're games and enjoy them. Idiots...

12 Microsoft finally Dying from the console wars
13 Timesplitters gets revived
14 343 suddenly gives up on Halo for the better
15 Infinity Ward goes bankrupt

Perfect, the were the ones who made the pathetic Call of Duty games. - Turkeyasylum

16 Total Drama: The Game

I think I'll try to make this once I download SmileBasic for my 3ds. - Skullkid755

17 The Ouya takes a giant leap in gaming
18 Mario and Sonic Olympics 2016 Comes Out On Wii U
19 Nintendo and Rareware work together again

Nintendo: you know what? I can't stand Rare being used to make Wii Sports rip offs. Let's go buy Rare back! (Buys Rare)
Rare: hi guys!
Nintendo: wanna make a Banjo Kazooie game?
Rare: sure! Let's go, team!
And it's one of the best games ever. BUY RARE BACK, NINTENDO!

20 All amazing old games are re-created
21 Spyro Game in 2016
22 Earthbound/MOTHER gets another game that isn't fanmade

I liked mother 4 fan game but come on

23 McKenzie & Co. CD-ROM Remake

Her Interactive is currently doing a remake of McKenzie & Co. CD-ROM for newer computers. - playstationfan66

24 An open world Lord of the Rings RPG
25 Sega starts making new consoles again
26 Capcom starts making more Mega Man games, or Nintendo buys Mega Man
27 Paper Mario is Fixed
28 Nintendo Gets Decent Third-Party Programmers
29 Make E for Everyone All Ages Instead of 6 and Older
30 Re-Release of Pong
31 Fortnite dies
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1. More consoles with fun, non-violent games
2. Crash Bandicoot returns
3. PC game companies make game consoles
1. Microsoft finally Dying from the console wars
2. Timesplitters gets revived
3. 343 suddenly gives up on Halo for the better
1. More consoles with fun, non-violent games
2. Call Of Duty ends
3. PC game companies make game consoles

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