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1 Going to school becomes punishable to life in prison

Say no more to punishing life in prison, for the rest of people we stop going to jail and they banned homeschool, please

Whoever created this list is obviously a redneck bible thumper. - KalloFox34

This stuff is FAKE and is CLICKBAIT remember and this is what true Brain power knows. You cannot predict the future

How about banning homeschooling?

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2 Make it illegal for atheists to say bad things about Christians

I thought this would be an intelligent list, but instead this is filled with stupid, idiotic reasons that will surely bring chaos to the U.S. This reason in particular will remove freedom of speech.

Well, I'm not allowed to have a life anymore. With this list, nor will you. - AnonymousChick

Well, that just blocks freedom of speech.

You all must not have a life. You guys keep going to my lists so you must like them. If you are going to my lists just because you don't like them then you are idiots! - TopTensFan

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3 Make it punishable to life without parole when gay people call Christians homophobic

Nope. People, avoid this obvious, ignorant troll item. - KalloFox34

Not saying all are but some are so no. - DarkBoi-X

What? Get a grip. It's the 21st century not the 20th century or before when you got prisoned for being gay. Christians need to learn that love is love people should be allowed to love a male or female whatever gender we are. We are only human beings. Christians should be punished for saying its wrong to be homosexual/bisexual. This is one of the biggest problems with Christianity besides creationism and the flat earth society.

No, because that's infringing freedom of speech!

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4 White supremacists get banned from earth

Well only the white supremacists because there racist.

And how will you ban white supremacists? And why not ALL types of racial supremacist for that matter? - Bolshoy_Brat

This is offensive to white people. And I'm white. - Therandom

No! This is offensive! - Neonco31

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5 Make using google punishable to 31 years in prison

Just a troll item. - JoeBoi

Please die - DarkBoi-X

Bing time! - BorisRule

Well, no more TheTopTens for me, then. - AnonymousChick

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6 America and other countries end the war

yes - DarkBoi-X

FINALLY! An item that's actually... Good? - Turkeyasylum

I'm tired of war. What is war good for? Absolutely nothing. - TopTensFan

The only good item on this list. - IronSabbathPriest

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7 Whenever a girl says a guy raped her and then admits she was lying she should be banned from earth and sent to the moon


No. This is just no. - PageEmperor

A fitting punishment for ruining someone's life.

Should be punished and give time in prison

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8 Yahoo answers becomes illegal

Yahoo Answers is a disgrace to society. There was a person who posted a selfie of herself and asked "how she can get a Korean or Mexican boyfriend" without ANY OTHER INFO. People are so stupid these days... - Turkeyasylum

Oh, but TopTensFan, you have used Yahoo Answers. You've even asked a question. The question? How do I stop trolls? Then he called me and Therandom trolls. (Not kidding. Look it up) What a pleasant surprise. He's a funny guy, isn't he? - Puga

Okay, I'm sorry, but was this written by a 3rd grader?

Though there are many people who post idiotic questions, there are also people who use Yahoo Answers for their problems��"parent troubles, school struggle, pressure, depression, etc.

9 Drake and Josh has a spinoff

This needs to happen. - TopTensFan


10 Teleportation is possible

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11 Make Christianity illegal

Some troll added this. - JoeBoi

You can't ban Christianity! 73.7% of Americans are Christians including me and banning Christianity is like banning most Americans. Also it would be violating the first amendment and whoever put this on the list is a jerk!

Even though some Christians can be over the top, it's not okay to just ban a religion and it's also unfair to those with deep beliefs.

Boo! I wonder who did this? (I already know, I'm not naming) - Therandom

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12 Bad movies become illegal

If it was made by Disney, Dreamworks and Illumination, then yes. All their movies are bad.

No. While yes, bad movies are bad, they shouldn't be banned. Then, filmmakers would get even less money out of box office bombs if such an insipid law came into effect. - KalloFox34

Here's a list:
Emoji Movie
Battlefield Earth
Old Dogs
The Love Guru

If it's A Serbian Film - BorisRule

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13 All the retired TheTopTens users come back

You want this website to have an overpopulation crisis? Some retirees could be DEAD. - Puga

I want all the retired users to come back - TopTensFan

Sevenlizards needs to come back. - TopTensFan

Please Lord, please give us back SevenLizards (and many more users). And we'll give you JustinBieberLover.

14 We colonize other solar systems

That would be pretty good considering the world will end at any moment if the sun explodes
by the way it takes light 8 minutes for light to travel to earth which means if the sun explodes it would take about 8 minutes for the effects of the explosion to hit earth

Not in a thousand years!

15 Age Restrictions On TheTopTens

What? That isn't fair!

This would be nice. It would likely reduce immaturity and opinion-disrespecting from the 10 year olds who find this website while surfing Google. - KalloFox34

Wells it's 12 or up so yeah. - DarkBoi-X

I wouldn't mind a 12 and up restriction. - Turkeyasylum

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16 Flying cars get invented

Flying cars were invented by several people in the 60's. Check it out.

17 Graduate

Graduating Highschool sounds fun - AnonymousChick

I'm graduating High School in 2021

18 Invader Zim comes back

Love it please

Okay I like this one - Quart

19 Kids get more rights

People always underestimate kids. My niece has always been underestimated and turns out, she understands emotions and the world than anyone I know. AND SHE'S ONLY TEN!

I'm with you adults pay no attention to us "they can't drive they can't drink they can't vote they can't have jobs they can't do anything by themselves" and there so do disrespectful. my dad just goes ss when I try to tell him. kids need rights

20 Kids don't have to go to school after 5TH grade

Then the homelessness rate would increase drastically. - JoeBoi

Boo! People wouldn't get their needed education! - Turkeyasylum

That is a horrible idea, why would you do that? - Quart

Then kids will turn stupid.

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21 More good users come on TheTopTens

Another good item!

22 People who don't respect opinions on TheTopTens get banned

Yes. - Userguy44

Actually this should happen as soon as possible. - PageEmperor

So, 70% of the userbase gets banned? - KalloFox34

23 Make the Westboro Baptist Church Illegal
24 North Korea collapses
25 Monsanto shuts down
26 Women earn equal wages
27 Cigarettes are phased out and banned.
28 People who say Hitler is a great person get banned from TheTopTens
29 God proven real
30 End Grey's Anatomy
31 We become Interstellar
32 We contact aliens

We don’t know if the aliens are dangerous or not, so no, we’ll probably never meet them. - JoeBoi

33 We colonize other planets
34 Hoverboards
35 The start of doomsday for seven years

No. - PageEmperor

36 End SpongeBob for good

Can’t be good for T.V. shows

No. - PageEmperor

It's been getting a lot better, so this isn't necessary. - KalloFox34

37 End Simpsons forever

No. - KalloFox34

38 Kill off Family Guy

Eh, if it continues to improve slightly, I'd be against this. But if it reverts back to Seasons 7-13 quality, I'd be all for it. - KalloFox34

You mean cancel family guy?

39 Sly Cooper discontinued
40 End Teen Titans Go forever

YES! - KalloFox34

41 Navy seals kill of the leader of the KKK
42 Neo Nazism gets banned

This will likely never happen, but this would be amazing if it did. The alt-right will never admit that their opinions aren't facts, and racism in general is just a terrible concept that should never have been invented. - KalloFox34

43 Make Circumcision Illegal
44 6ix9ine Retires
45 Cancel Ben Ten and Powerpuff Girls Reboots forever
46 Ku Klux Klan gets banned
47 Alt-Right gets banned
48 Make it illegal for neo-Nazis to say bad things about Jews
49 Believing the earth is flat becomes punishable by being forced to become a astronaut and sent into orbit
50 Disney Makes an Original Traditional Animated Movie

Yes Make it happen

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