Top 10 Things That Should Have Been In Certain Animated Shows

I sincerely apologize for the over-abundance of Nick shows here.

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1 More subtlety and respect for children's intelligence in its message about protecting the environment - Captain Planet and The Planeteers

Probably would have made the show a way better influence on Final Fantasy VII's Midgar subplot as well, just for the record - xandermartin98

2 More than one season - Clone High

Honorable (although extremely boring) mention: Buzz On Maggie - xandermartin98

3 Christmas episode titled "How Mr. Bighead Stole Christmas" - Rocko's Modern Life

Mr. Bighead really is a HEEL, let me tell you

(he's as cuddly as a cactus; he's as charming as an eel) - xandermartin98

4 More than two seasons - Invader Zim

Honorable mention: Earthworm Jim - xandermartin98

5 Episode making fun of how critics obsessively idolized the show to no end while completely ignoring Rocko's Modern Life despite Rocko being the actually well-written show of the two - The Ren & Stimpy Show

Ironically, while Rocko's Wacky Delly episode actually very much IS this, Ren & Stimpy itself admittedly came pretty close to making this type of episode with Stimpy's Fan Club but unfortunately didn't quite go all the way with it (mainly because Rocko didn't quite officially exist yet at the episode's time) - xandermartin98

6 Lammy - Parappa Anime

Come on, she was WAY too cute to not be featured in this show - xandermartin98

7 Parody of the Super Metroid intro after Aang gets captured by the Fire Nation, complete with "THE LAST AIRBENDER IS IN CAPTIVITY; THE FIRE NATION IS AT WAR" - Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the best-case scenario, the opening message would be immediately followed by a HUGE dramatic close-up on Zuko's brooding, monologuing face, with the subtitles for his monologue being written out in real time and spread out across the entire screen in perfect square/rectangular format just like in the original intro - xandermartin98

8 Law against writing pedophilic brain-fetish fanfiction for it (that is also crossed over with easily by far one of THE greatest cartoons of all time, no less) - The Buzz On Maggie

Basically, the fanfic I'm referring to, a Buzz On Maggie/Rocko's Modern Life crossover story titled "The Buzz On How Maggie Got Fondled By Flecko", is about Maggie being lured away from her real family in the local O-Town dump's built-in town of StickyFeet by a very clearly fake uncle of hers named Flecko, under the extremely manipulative but still undeniably true promise of her being able to find a better life in the outside world...

but alas, it's all just a setup so that Flecko can lead poor Maggie into the initially blissfully unaware Virginia Wolfe's (as in Heffer's 48-year-old mother's) brain through her ear canal so that he can downright HORRIFICALLY force her into...AHEM...mating with him while both of them happen to still be inside said brain (also, Maggie is 12 while Flecko is 36)...
culminating in Maggie viciously (and self-defensively) murdering him by field-dressing his entire torso with his own knife in order to stop him from systematically lobotomizing poor ...more - xandermartin98

9 Power Rangers parody episode - Steven Universe

To say the LEAST, this show is begging for this - xandermartin98

10 Episode in which Plankton takes control over Sandy's brain - Spongebob Squarepants

Preferably by sneaking in through her ear canal (drools and pants intensely) - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 Less loli fanservice - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
12 Maggie flying into the construction secretary's brain through her ear canal and mind-controlling her via central nervous computer in the Bugs On The Brink episode - The Buzz On Maggie
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1. More subtlety and respect for children's intelligence in its message about protecting the environment - Captain Planet and The Planeteers
2. More than one season - Clone High
3. Christmas episode titled "How Mr. Bighead Stole Christmas" - Rocko's Modern Life


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